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5 Yummy Protein Foods to Prepare in 20 Min

When exercising or taking an active stance on your diet, what you eat and put inside you is half the battle. Our muscles need protein, among many other things, to build up and thrive. Having diversity in eating is the key to a healthy diet, and one of the founding stones for it is protein. When you throw a slab of meat on the fire, it evokes a primal pleasure in all of us. Evolution has also brought us innovative ways to make such a simple act more enjoyable. Without much fuss, you can create great protein-rich meals with no hustle whatsoever.

1. Traditional potato beans pasta

Protein comes in all shapes and sizes. When you are in a rush, but still wish to taste that light median sweetness full of energy, potato beans pasta is here to help. You will need two pots for starters. In one, you need to peel the potato and throw the beans together in some water and add salt. Let them boil together while you take the second pot and boil some more water with salt.

Once the water is boiling in the second pot, put the pasta in (any pasta will do) and let it boil for one minute less than described on the packaging for that al dente taste. Once everything is done, throw the water away and mash the potatoes, beans and pasta together. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top and bon appetite.

2. Unusual curry salmon with vegetables

We all know that chicken and curry go hand in hand, but salmon is also a delicacy when served with curry. Take one pan, and cover it with vegetables of your choice, tomatoes and oil. You can even spice them up. About 400 grams of salmon would be ideal, and you can salt it and put curry on it. A heavy serving is ok, and don’t skim on it. Put the salmon in the pan and roast it in the oven until you see that the fish is done. While all this goodness is roasting in the oven, you can boil some rice for even more protein. When the meal is done, first lay the rice on the plate, cover it with the salmon and put the vegetables on the side.

3. Dripping pork honey belly with mashed potatoes

This is a hearty meal for when you are hungry and crave energy. Pork belly is tender and one of the best parts when it comes to pork meat. The quality of the meal is directly dependent on the quality of the meat and all other ingredients. If you wish to eat and be healthy, you would need to procure quality meat, like from Sutcliffe Meats, and then you are off to a great start.

Chop up the meat, season it and glaze it with honey. Let it roast in your oven while you chop the potatoes and put them in salted water. Once they are tender, mash them, add some butter and milk and mix. Sprinkle your pork belly chops all over them, and take one beer while you are at it.

4.  Succulent steak and beans

Nothing beats a good old steak with a side of vegetables. One big slab of meat can satisfy even the most audacious of drawings. To keep it simple, you can season it with salt and pepper, and rub it in for extra flavour. While it’s sizzling in the pan, you will need two small pots. You can put the cherry tomatoes (or regular ones) and let them boil in one of the pots.

Put the beans with sprouts in the second one and let them boil. Once they are done, drain them, and you can pour anything with oregano over the tomatoes. Add some basil if you wish. The sauce from the steak can go directly over the beans, and that’s it. Put it all together on one plate, take a slice of bread and dip it right in!

5. Perfect chicken and mushroom pasta

So far, we’ve covered fish, vegetables and meat, and now all that’s left is poultry. Chicken is a staple in protein-rich cooking, where no article can go without it. Take some chicken breasts and chop them up. Cover them in curry, salt and pepper, and chop up some mushrooms at the side. Put some oil in the pan and let them roast while you are boiling pasta in a pot at your side. Once everything is done, mash them together, sprinkle some parmesan and dig in. Quick, easy and protein-rich.

Making meals that will satisfy your body’s needs for any kind of nutrients is a matter of practice. The more you cook, the more you will realise how easy it is to make Michelin-like quality at home. Pick great ingredients, and great results will follow. All of which will lead to a healthier you!

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