5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Staycation Spa

You’ve waited all year for that summer vacation – warm weather, a change of scenery, and a few days of leisure. However, leaving town for a vacation is not always simple. It may be a nuisance to block off time and take a week or two off work, much alone the flight, hotel, and rental vehicle expenses. Travel is not the only vacation choice; a “staycation” – a vacation spent at home – is also an option. Yes, you can feel as though you’re on vacation without ever leaving your house. You can make each weekend a staycation. Here are five ways to create a relaxing spa at home.

1. Create a Budget and Stick With It

As with any other vacation, a staycation needs you to create a budget to allow sufficient money for desired indulgences without going overboard. However, the precise amount you spend will inevitably be determined by your finances and your definition of luxury.

For instance, some may aim only for exclusive local eateries and lavish spa treatments, which may quickly add up. On the other hand, others may believe that just leaving their children off at their grandparents’ house and spending a week alone concentrating on self-care is the definition of luxury since it does not cost a dime. Therefore, while calculating your budget, keep these factors in mind.

2. Pools and Hot Tubs

A lovely swimming pool is a must-have for any outdoor paradise. Around the pool’s edge, granite coping adds a sturdy and inviting accent. Sandblasting the granite coping reduces the risk of sliding. Due to the non-slip characteristics of bluestone, it also makes an excellent pool coping material.

When a deck or patio surrounds your poolside hideaway, you will feel as if you are vacationing at a resort. For pool decks and patios, granite pavers, thermal bluestone, and natural flagstone are often utilized. One of the great aspects of granite and natural stone is their near-maintenance-free nature. Additionally, they adapt effectively to temperature fluctuations, withstanding any harm caused by the freeze-thaw cycle. Another excellent option is a softub, which many people prefer because of its self-cleaning qualities. Additionally, the quality and performance of hot softubs are exceptional and will give transport you to a place of tranquility and deep relaxation.

3. Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

With a fully functioning kitchen on your patio, you can enjoy outdoor living at its best. You can put the mobile BBQ trolley away. While having a grill is advantageous, having an outdoor kitchen expands the realm of outdoor cooking options. You’ll be able to elevate an ordinary dinner to something extraordinary.

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While upgrading your daily kitchen would be costly outdoors, you can gradually add a few simple items to improve your outdoor experience significantly. By adding a compact refrigerator and a sturdy granite countertop, you can halve the number of journeys back and forth to your indoor. Constructing a countertop foundation around your grill and veneering the facades will give your “kitchen” a unique appearance. If you have extra funds, try adding a pizza oven.

4. Add Curtains

Curtains are a simple yet effective way to update your décor. Consider replacing dark or heavy drapes with something more airy, fresh, and resort-inspired. Transparent or lightweight fabrics, island-inspired hues, beautiful tropical designs, or natural patterns look fantastic on curtains and contribute to the overall relaxing effect. Additionally, you may want to consider blackout curtains for places such as bedrooms or media rooms to create a more private and peaceful atmosphere. Although they block light and save energy, these designs are also available in various resort-inspired colors and patterns.

5. Upgrade Your Bedroom

You always sleep well on vacation, due in part to the luxurious beds and linens provided by hotels. If you haven’t already, consider upgrading to a latex or memory foam mattress rather than an innerspring mattress for optimum comfort. When it comes to bedding, most 5-star hotels utilize Egyptian cotton, which is renowned for its supreme softness, lightness, and ability to breathe. Throughout the rest of your bedroom, infuse a sense of luxury with a few bold interior design choices. A statement rug, plush toss pillows, a weighted blanket, a chic lamp fixture, and your favorite wall art may completely change the room.

If you’re craving a vacation or spa day, bring it to you. Invest in your home and your self-care by adding any of the above ideas into your home. Or for those who still want a relaxing spa day and have a smaller budget you can still have the spa experience by buying some house plants, lavender and eucalyptus-scented candles, and new soft towels. Happy relaxing!

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