5 Ways To Mix And Match Your Furniture To Give Your Home A Fresh Look

No matter how small or big your home may be, decorating it with suitable furniture can often be tricky. With so many different themes and styles, the variety of choices homeowners have available to style their home can be overwhelming. On top of this, people differ in their personal preferences when it comes to home decor, so while one person might like Bohemian style, the other may prefer a mid-century modern design.

The good news is that the days of styling your interior with matching furniture sets are over. Now, it is actually considered in style to mix and match your furniture pieces from different styles and time periods in order to create an overall intriguing look for your home. Whether it is done out of necessity or you are simply looking to add an eclectic feel to it, this interior design technique can certainly make things more cohesive and bring a new sense of style, especially when done properly. So, if you are willing to experiment while giving your home a fresh look, here are five ways on how to properly mix your home’s aesthetics.

Combination of furniture styles

If you are one of those people who don’t like sticking to a specific style, then you can mix different interior design styles to create a unique layered look in your home. For instance, you can start with a statement furniture piece of your less prominent design to make it stand out in your room and represent your unique personality. One option which serves as a sleek piece for your dining room or boardroom and is a seamless combination of art and function is the Brno chair. Along with its versatility, this chair simply offers classiness and it never fails in delivering the perfect visual for any lounge setting.

Another way is to apply the 80/20 rule in your interior. This rule states that 80% of your main design style will be represented in the room, while the other 20% will be in a completely different style. For example, you can combine traditional with abstract design and still make it work. You could begin with classic sofas and coffee tables and add abstract touches such as pillows in loud prints.

Limited color palette

If you incorporate too many colors in your living space, some furniture pieces may seem like they stand alone. Therefore, the best way to make sure your room looks coherent is to use a simple color scheme. For example, you can combine neutral color shades with a few accent colors. If you have a neutral color sofa, you can add a chair with a bold color in order to add more contrast and liveliness into the space.

Another way you can incorporate a splash of color without it being out of place is to add pillows and throws with different colors to match other elements in your home. Also, if the colors of the walls are in a darker shade, then limit the color scheme of the entire space to more neutral shades to create a balance. The key with the color palette of your home is to repeat the same shades throughout the space so everything feels like it belongs there.

Incorporating subtle patterns

Subtle patterns are another way to mix and match the furniture in your home. In fact, the power of the patterns is in their ability to add more vibrancy. So, whichever patterns you choose, it will determine the overall feel of the space. One way of doing so is to mix different patterns, in different shapes, sizes and colors. If you decide to use a large-scale pattern as your dominant style, then you could combine the rest of the elements with a smaller-scale pattern as an accent.

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One great example is the herringbone pattern. It is considered versatile, but it may seem too much when used in large quantities. This is why it is recommended that you use these patterns for smaller elements such as on throws, pillows or area rugs. Another way is to choose particular color shades that work with the patterns well and can make them stand out in order to control the narrative of the room.

Introducing unrelated items

Every room needs a focal point that will immediately draw attention. Some rooms are blessed with centerpieces such as a fireplace, but there are other elements you can incorporate to shift the spotlight in your living space. If you have a piece of furniture that is completely unrelated to the rest of your theme, but it shares a common feature such as a time period with other elements, you can add it to your decor which will become the focal point of the room. For example, a marble table in your dining room or a mid-century modern coffee table in your traditional living room can instantly draw attention towards them.

Other rooms like your bathroom don’t have a focal point so in order to increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, add a vanity that will become a showstopper. The good thing about these features is that they will certainly make your home more inviting and unique.

Adding final touches

Even the smallest details can certainly impact the overall look of your home. These final touches are usually a representation of your personal style. The placement of the accessories is key as it determines the way they will match with the rest of the furniture to create balance. For example, if you have an oak dining table, you can coordinate the back of your chairs with a similar wood finish. Also, you can hang up an artwork in a wooden frame to match the finish of the table.

Another way to add a finishing touch is by matching a sofa from one furniture set and a chair from another. In this case, you can add pillows to your sofa which will have the colors or patterns from the chair in order to make it look as if they come together.

Final thoughts

The most important thing you must remember when mixing and matching your furniture pieces is to keep it understated. You can experiment with different layouts and schemes until you find something that fits you best. However, in case you need some ideas on how to style your décor keep this guide nearby and use your creative side to create a unique and cohesive look for your home by incorporating various interior styles.

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