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5 Ways to Escalate Protection of Your Home Security Cameras

One of the greatest paradoxes of life is you create devices to ensure self-protection, but they can sometimes play against you. Yes, we are talking about home security cameras. You install security camera at your home to protect your family from the trespassers, but unknowingly you are giving hackers a chance to gain access.

And to be honest, hacked security cameras are pretty dangerous. Devices which guarantees your protection can be mangled, invading your privacy and violating your security. But thank God, there is a solution to this critical problem. And for your help, we’ve laid down 5 ways to escalate the protection of your home security cameras.

Use strong and different passwords

Not changing the default passwords can be an easy way for hackers to access your device and invade your security. Thus, replace the default passwords with a strong and different one. As you know, the more complex, the better, so combine letters (upper and lower case, both), numbers, and symbols.

Do not mention your birth dates or anniversary dates in your new password, as hackers are smarter than you. They can check your social media accounts to hack the password.

Keep your wireless network secured

Your home’s wireless network is another device a hacker can use to take control of other connected gadgets on the same network. To protect it, use the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) encryption method. Give a strong password to the router and change the default service set identifier (SSID) name.

If you want to take a big leap, then you can also use a virtual private number (VPN). It will regulate which device will be able to access the network and restrict the other.

Update camera’s firmware regularly

Generally, manufacturers of security cameras update their firmware to fix bugs and enhance their products’ performance. By doing that, you’ll be able to repair the software bugs and mend security vulnerabilities. Though some cameras get updated automatically, checking it frequently is always a better idea.

Turn off remote online monitoring

Many home security cameras give access to view your home through an app remotely. But there is one hidden concern associated with it. Though an app enables you to log into your security camera, away from your home, it can be exposed to hackers too. So, always keep a habit of turning it off whenever you complete using the app.

Buy home security cameras from a trusted source

There are various sources available to buy home security cameras, but here you need to be choosy. Investigate the brand, company, and reviews of the customers before jumping into the purchasing process. Various buying sites like Walmart, Amazon, etc. are available to make your purchase comfortable. But do remember to go for a reliable manufacturer with excellent customer service.

Final words

Do you wish to make a smart home? If yes, then there are 8 must-have home automation gadgets that you should have at your paradise. These devices will make your life easier and more convenient.

But after automating your home with smart devices, you’ll be required to save them from getting hacked. Otherwise, your convenience will change its path and will lead you to an annoying track.

Author bio:

Erika Rhein, a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches, however, I prioritise writing on home and security systems. I always strive to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing.

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