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5 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Interior Space a New Life

Most of us want to update the look of our home from time to time. However, doing so can be difficult, especially when you have a constrained budget. Fortunately, there are tweaks you can do without hurting your savings. Check them out below!

Play with Paint Effects

A sole tin of emulsion is just what you need to amp up the look of your room. Other than painting a feature wall, be playful with paint by using it in everything from murals to ombre effects.

If you’re after elegance, go for interior painting colours that can add glamour to your home. You can pick between soft, understated or bold and dramatic hues such as warm brown, powder blue, deep green, cream, and ivory.

But of course, no matter how attractive the colour schemes, if you don’t feel comfortable about them, you can always settle with the colour of your choice.

Rearrange Your Furniture Items

If there’s one space in your house that you need to pay extra attention, it’s your living room. It’s where you accept and entertain guests and where conversations happen. Thus, it only fits that it’s well furnished with furniture pieces. And just like any other space, you need to update its look.

Arrange the furniture pieces, especially the sofas in a huddle-like manner so that you can have a cozy and relaxed conversations.

Blend Old with New

Instead of decorating your entire home from head-to-toe with old and bargain items, you can blend in newly-purchased items with vintage or retro vibes. It will lend a modern-vintage style to your interiors.

For instance, you can use leather boxes and wicker suitcases as a stand-in for side and coffee tables in your living room. You can also stash them with knick-knacks, books, magazines, and other belongings.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

You will be surprised at how elegant your home will look if you’re going to kit it out with new light fittings. Choose a fixture with a bold shade that complements the dimension of your room to create a real statement.

A cluster of paper lanterns will be good options to start with as they can transform a room and will cost you next to nothing.

Create  a Photo Wall

Your home-improvement project wouldn’t be complete if you left your wall bare. Besides giving it a new coat of paint, you can give your walls a playful and creative look by hanging pictures.

You can hang the pictures that you took on family gatherings, get-togethers with friends, travels, and other memorable occasions. It will not only create a nostalgic mood to your space, but it will also add a creative ambiance.

Go For Unique Hardware Finishes

Upgrading your home is not just about the walls, furniture arrangements, new paint, and the likes. It also has something to do with hardware finishes such as knobs and drawer pulls.

Most of these hardware pieces come inexpensively in home-improvement stores, but they’re also cheap-looking and are in poor quality. The best places to look at are flea markets, hardware stores, and antique shops. You can find durable and expensive-looking pulls and drawer knobs at an affordable price.

Keep Your Home Clean and Free From Clutters

You probably haven’t realized it yet, but the best way to revamp your home is actually free. All you have to do is declutter and clean!  Weekly vacuuming and dusting can actually give your home a whole new look and high-end feel.

Clean the spots and stains on area rugs to keep them from looking shabby and damaged. The same holds true for your furniture items. They must be well-maintained and cleaned. Don’t forget to clean your windows too, a once or twice a month cleaning sesh is good.

Also, create storage solutions where you can keep and stash items that you don’t need to display but will eventually need whenever necessary. Regular cleaning will help you declutter your home and give it an instant aesthetic lift.


Sprucing up the look of your home doesn’t have to be costly. There are handy and budget-friendly hacks that you can do such as the ones mentioned above and visiting Madani Group site as well for references.

Feel free to be creative and inject your personality into every space. After all, it’s your home, and there’s nothing more inviting and on-trend than an abode that reflects the owner’s true personality.

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