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5 Ways to Instantly Beautify Your Garden without Breaking the Bank

Are you bored with the same old look of your backyard and ready to make some changes? Do you know that with just a few simple updates you can get a whole new look of your outdoor area? Well, here are some smart ideas you can take as inspiration for your garden without spending too much money.

Vintage chairs planters

Okay, let’s start with the simple things. If you happen to have a few extra pieces of old furniture you are not using anymore, well, now you can give it a new purpose. You can reuse old chairs as planters or flowerbeds. Use reds, purple tones or strong blue shades to colour the chairs and give them a unique look. Plant yellow or orange flowers in contrast to the vividly coloured chairs or play with various types of plants and flowers to achieve colourfulness. Honestly, anything you put in your old -new planter will look stunning. Place it in a corner or among summer-blooming shrubs to create a magical spring look of your backyard.

Colourful furniture

Adding a splash of colour is always a great idea! In contrast to all the greenery, you can add strong yellow or dark blue colours to your outdoor furniture that will make it look fresh and fun. Decorate with big fluffy colourful pillows for extra comfort and knitted throws that are perfect for chilly autumn nights. Give your deck a makeover with just a few cans of paint for floorboards and railings. Go a step further and add outdoor rugs that are the newest trend in outdoor decor. Also, opting for pastel shades of rose, grey or beige tones will create a more romantic looking garden, especially if you plant bushy lavender near your back porch or next to your deck. Not only it will look good but it will smell wonderful too!

Mirrors wonderland

This is a bit of an unusual practice but it does the trick. If your garden is not as big as you would like it to be, you can make it visually bigger using mirrors. Buying vintage or reusing your old ones is a great solution. The vintage ones you can find at flea markets, they have that rustic look and are pretty cheap. Plus they will go great with all the greenery in your garden. On the other hand, you can try DIY and make your old mirrors look shabby chic or rustic vintage, whatever suits you the most. Put them in corners of your terrace or hang them on walls or trees. Using several mirrors in different shapes, sizes and styles can create that specific fairy-tale wonderland look perfect for families with small kids. Your little ones will most definitely enjoy exploring all the hidden places and playing with the reversed mirror image. Not to mention it will be perfect for taking photographs for your family album!

Vivid living fence

Building a living fence will give your outdoor area privacy while looking amazing at the same time. You can hang a lot of wall decor to your new fence that you can change depending on the time of the year. Love doing crafts? Great! There are many DIY tips and tricks to make them without breaking the bank. If you have a big outdoor area, plant a lot of blooming bushes or small fringe trees that will make spring magical and your garden bursting with colours.

Outdoor decor

If you are happy with the way your greenery looks and don’t want to add anything else then try decorating your trees, bushes and shrubs to give your backyard a whole new look. Putting up outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be just for parties anymore! It is great for hot summer nights, for creating a comfy and homey atmosphere to enjoy the fresh night air. Making pendant string lights with Mason jars is simple, cheap and adds up to the whole rustic meets vintage look. Make your garden look charming and hang lanterns on tree branches or candle chandeliers. Invest in outdoor retractable awnings like the ones from Oztech to add shade on your deck or make loose cloth awnings with flowery patterned cloths. Decorating your pergolas with flowers will be a breath of fresh air for your backyard. Hanging wind chimes and bells on trees can add both decorative value and soothing sounds. Basically, find inspiration in yourself, what will make you feel relaxed and excited about spending time out of the house.

These are just some of the ways to beautify your garden without unnecessary spending. If you are a crafty person, you can do everything by yourself or make it a family bonding activity. Not only you will spend quality time with them having fun and letting your artsy side out but together you will create a special look for your outdoor area that depicts each family member.

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