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5 Ways A Landscape Lighting System Can Increase Your Home Value

A landscape lighting system is the best option for proud homeowners who want to increase the value of their homes. It can also make your house stand out. It’s also a great way to increase the security and safety of your home, as there’ll be no dark spaces for intruders to hide in.

A great lighting system can highlight your home’s best features, whether the architecture itself or the landscape surrounding it. It’s one of the best options for increasing your home’s curb appeal. Here are several great reasons you should invest in an excellent landscape lighting system for your property.

1. Increases Your Property’s Aesthetic Appeal

If your home has an interesting feature, you can accentuate it with a landscape lighting system. There are many different lighting options to choose from when you visit sites like If you get thematic lamps, you can accentuate some features. You can also get a variety of light shades that can come in different colors. You can place these lights near your beautiful rose garden or the swimming pool to highlight these features.

The more aesthetically pleasing your home is, the more its value will increase. If you want to sell your home or flip a house to sell later, invest in a great landscape lighting system. If you have a walkway or path that leads to your front door, you can illuminate this path to create a beautiful ambiance for your home. You can also use soft lighting to accentuate plants, trees, or outdoor features.

This provides a unique experience that can interest any potential buyer if you plan to sell the house. You can also take really high-quality pictures of the property for any advertisements you may have on property websites. It will definitely catch the eye of any potential buyer.

2. Provides Extra Security For The Home

As mentioned earlier, a good landscape lighting system can provide added security for your home. A well-lit home can deter criminals who may want to rob your home. It lets them know that people are home and there are no dark spaces to hide in.

If you live in an area that’s often visited by wildlife, landscape lighting can prevent them from going into your backyard at night. Even if you’re not at home, your lighting system should be bright enough so that your neighbors or security can immediately see if there’s strange activity in your yard and alert you immediately.

The best lighting options for added security are:

Landscape lights are also highly resistant to most weather conditions like frost, so you can still see outside despite the weather.

Some floodlights are also solar-powered, so you can save cash. You can pick the best floodlights for your home by considering the dimensions of the areas to be lit.

Path lights can also help you mark out boundaries. People will instinctively remain within the illuminated paths. It’s a great way to protect any plant life you may have close to the pathways. There are a variety of path lights mainly:

Whichever option you choose, ensure that it aligns with your preference and intention. Some lighting options can also be energy-efficient, like solar-powered lights or LED lights. These have become quite popular among homeowners because they’re easy to install and maintain. They’re also very affordable, so you won’t break your budget when you get them.

3. Energy-efficient Lighting

If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you’d be glad to know that some landscape lighting options incorporate energy-efficient light bulbs and systems. There are products such as Solar LED lights, metal halide lights, and CFL lights that you can use for your outdoor lighting.

Solar LED lights: These lights can come in various types, such as string lights that you can hang up as well as lamppost lights and flood lights. They are easy to install and give off a warm light that come in handy for those colder days. Getting energy-efficient lights for your landscape lighting system means you get to save money on utility bills. Install the energy-efficient solar lights in areas with a lot of sunlight. These LED lights are also more energy-efficient than your average incandescent light.

Some other great energy-efficient light bulbs you can use for your landscape lighting system include:

Unfortunately, metal halide lights are not a great choice if security is your priority. The lights need to warm up a bit before switching on, which means there could be a delay in motion detection when used in such systems.

Also, how high you place different lights in your lighting system can make it more energy-efficient. Expand the light distribution when you put your lights at varying heights. This means you use less lighting, and it ensures that there are no dark spaces.

4. Integrate With Smart Home Features

Technology has advanced so much that there are now smart houses. As mentioned in the example, some landscape lighting systems can be integrated with smart features. The example of placing some lights in a timer is a great smart feature you incorporate into your lighting, but there are also other smart lighting options you can invest in.

If you like entertaining in your backyard, you can automate your lighting system using an app feature or other smart technology. You can control features such as the color of the lights and when they can automatically go on or off.

You can also integrate the lighting system into your security system. This means your lights will automatically switch on when you arm the house at night before bedtime. Controlling your landscape lighting via your smart devices means you stay informed about what is happening in your backyard even when you’re not there. You can dim and brighten the outdoor lights and change the color for themed events.

Some lights can be controlled via Bluetooth or the web. It all depends on the manufacturer of the lights. Speak to your local lighting technician about which options are available to you.

5. Extends The Outdoor Living Space

A good landscape lighting system can ensure that areas in your backyard can still be used even at night. They can transform a backyard into a magical place for entertaining friends and family. You can use them for themed events like birthday parties or for a nice grill session at night. This can be a huge benefit as more people opt to entertain themselves at home because of the pandemic.

Many homeowners have started adding outdoor kitchens, dining spaces, and living rooms. This has made landscape lighting popular as these spaces need to be well-lit when occupied. You can control the ambiance you want to create and turn your backyard into an inviting space for entertainment. A great landscape lighting system will be able to illuminate every outdoor space like the balcony, garden, or courtyard.

You can use these spaces no matter how dark it is outside. You can speak to your lighting technician about placement and the type of lights that will work well with your activities.


A high-quality landscape lighting system is a great investment for any homeowner. These are just some reasons investing in a great landscape lighting system is a good idea. Installing a high-quality lighting system can exponentially increase the value of your home and make it stand out in the neighborhood. This can be great if you have interested buyers who can only come to view your home in the evening. With the added security, curb appeal, and aesthetically pleasing features being highlighted, you can sell your home quickly for a great price.

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