5 Unique Coffee Mug Designs

Coffee is an important part of how mornings begin or perhaps how those endless, sleepless nights are spent. They may even be how you spend rainy days. Whichever it may be, coffee is integral to a person’s comfort and the smooth functioning of at least some lives. We believe a home that is fragrant of freshly brewed coffee is one of the most ideal settings.

Now, when you have people over for coffee or you yourself are sitting on the window sill with some, a warm and beautiful cup would make it all the more special. A top essential that any home should have are mugs and cups both for use at home as well as in order to entertain any guests who may come over for a hot cup.

While there are regular coffee mugs available in the market, there are also mugs that just brighten your day. Designs which are so innovative and exemplary that your inner creativity just beckons them. Your heart just wants them. Now, there are a lot of innovative designs which just have to be bought but then there are the ones that just stand out and brighten your mornings. Each person has a mug they call their own and a story behind it, this may just be the design that you want next.

Let’s look at five of these designs:

Stainless steel mugs- This is for the chic kitchen owners who love a sleek design for the mugs. Mostly these designs come in very innovative styles and the shapes itself is quite inspired. If you like an avant garde look for your mugs to fit in with your stainless steel kitchen set, then this is the way to go.


Now, these mugs are mostly designer and you can buy these designer mugs online with online retailers. They differ from the conventional mug design but are quite interesting and can definitely be used as a conversation starter.

Takeaway mugs- Nowadays, there is a lot of interest in mug designs which look like takeaway mugs from one of the coffee shops but are actually made either of ceramic, plastic or insulated steel.


They are quite trendy and cool. One can carry their coffee to office and not look odd doing it. There are a lot of creative, funky designs for this style.

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Oversized mugs- Whether you’re a big time FRIENDS fan or you’re just really laidback, oversized mugs can definitely be the way to go. Just grab one of these, sit back and have a cozy time on a rainy day or a winter morning.


Novelty coffee mugs- Another trend that is seeing a lot of interest these days are novelty mugs in the shape of camera lenses etc. which are made of insulated metal and are meant to be interesting gifts.


Not ideal for a no-nonsense coffee lover but would do well for those want to buy coffee mugs online in order to collect them.

Electric coffee mugs- Now, these do not necessarily last for a long time but they are good choices for those work late hours and do not have time to get up and go warm coffee. These electrically charged coffee mugs keep your coffee warm simultaneously.


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