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5 Typical Steps to Recover a Home After a Tornado

After a tornado has passed through your town, you’ll need to work hard to restore your home and property. While the task may seem overwhelming, with the right help and plan of attack, you’ll be able to get your house back to normal in no time. These five tips will help you restore your home after it’s been damaged by a tornado:

Get an Estimate

Before starting any rebuilding, it’s important to get multiple estimates for restoration. This way, you can be sure you’re getting a fair price for any construction work. Remember, before hiring a contractor, always check online reviews or ask friends and family about their experiences. When it comes time to sign on the dotted line, don’t forget: Don’t pay until you’re satisfied with their work!

Rebuild the Foundation

The foundation of your home is integral. Make sure your foundation is structurally sound after a tornado by hiring a professional or getting an engineer to check it out for you. If anything seems unstable, get some help from a building foundation repair expert and hire someone to fix things as soon as possible.

As you make changes to your home, consider adding insulation and updating heating and cooling systems. These upgrades can keep your energy costs down once your home is rebuilt.

Work With FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers assistance to homeowners whose properties are damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. Contact FEMA to see how they can help you in restoring your home. Eligible homeowners can receive assistance in the form of grants for home repairs and housing, disaster unemployment assistance, low-cost loans for uninsured property losses, and more. The application process is simple and FEMA typically provides funding sooner to requests made online.

Throw Away Damaged Items

Another important yet difficult step is to throw away ruined belongings. Things like clothes, linens, food, toys, electronics—anything that’s soaked in water or unsalvageable because of mold should be thrown out. Even if you think you can clean something up later, it’s best to get rid of it now to start fresh as this prevents germs from spreading throughout your home.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Tornadoes are relentless in the damage they leave behind. Once you’ve handled throwing away unsalvagable belongings, it’s time to hire a professional to clean the house. This way, you’ll be able to make sure any lingering dirt, dust, or debris is taken care of, leaving you with a spotless and healthy home.

Tornadoes are devastating storms that can leave your home, personal belongings, and your life in ruins. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your house feel like a home again after such a disaster. Keep this information in mind as you decide how to best rebuild your home.

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