5 Transparent Piano Designs You Should Consider

The use of luxurious and unique glass pianos in the living room as a centerpiece is a hot new trend in the interior design and decoration industry. If you are a music lover with a great liking of gorgeous designs, consider having a glass piano that will be the main attraction in your home. Also known as transparent piano and crystal piano, the glass piano will change the look of your living room and take it to a new level of luxury. If you are already thinking of having a piano for your living room, you should consider the following five glass piano designs:

Translucid Piano

If you are looking for a fine blend of traditional and modern designs, the Translucid piano will be a perfect option as it is made of wooden body and acrylic top and legs. The music stand and lid of this piano are transparent and look like complete glass as these are made of acrylic.  This classic semi-transparent piano can offer you contemporary elegance with timeless style.

Lucid iDyllic Excellence

Excellent craftsmanship and futuristic design make this piano a fantastic option to consider. This is a fully transparent piano which is creatively deconstructed, modern, and clean. The entire body of this masterpiece is made using reinforced transparent acrylic. You can simply call it an x-ray version of the traditional piano.

Lucid Elegance

This piano has a wonderful design to add extra layer of luxury to your living room. Made of reinforced acrylic and rare wooden veneers, this is a contemporary design with modern touch. If you are someone who likes traditional grand piano but ready to add some futuristic touches, this is a perfect option.

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EXO is regarded as the only and the first 3D printed piano available in the market right now. If you are a dreamer, you will simply fall in love with the design of this piano. This is a breathtaking musical instrument with great decoration appeal. The plant-inspired design is truly a wonder and it can be considered more of a sculpture than just a piano.

iDyllic Upright

If you are someone who loves upright pianos, this is a compact yet stunning option as its contemporary design and modern touches makes it simply spectacular. This piano will take less space in your living room but will be a fine item to change the look of your living room.

Choose from the above glass pianos and enjoy decorating your home with luxury items like pianos. If you have a good budget, you will never regret having one of the transparent pianos mentioned in this article.

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