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5 Top Tile Upgrades When Renovating Your Home

Tile is a versatile material, one that is suited for a wider range of home upgrades and upgrades than many property owners might imagine. From floors and countertops to roofing installations and decorative accents, the right selection of tile can make quite a difference during your next renovation project.


Flooring installations are typically the most common way to utilize tile during a home remodel, and for good reason. Durable and easy to maintain, quality tile floors can last for years or even decades and require little by way of upkeep. Rugged enough for high-traffic areas and stylish enough to complement a wide range of interior design schemes, tile flooring has a great deal to offer.


Countertops and Backsplashes

Kitchen remodeling projects are also quite popular, especially for homeowners who like to cook. Tile countertops can provide a textured component that other counter surfaces may be unable to compete with while the right backsplash helps tie the whole room together. Remodeling your kitchen using less sturdy materials could lead to no end of problems that you would do well to avoid.

Photo by Jackson Design & Remodeling

Roof Installations

Roofing installations constructed from tile can also be of benefit. Terracotta or Spanish tile roofing can give your home a more distinctive appearance while also helping to minimize the need for long-term maintenance or more frequent roofing repairs. When it comes to home upgrades, tile roofing often provides a superior return of investment.

Photo by Kevin Rugee Architect, Inc.

Walk-in Shower

Doing away with a bathtub or conventional shower stall entirely is another renovation idea that continues to grow more popular. Tile is the obvious material choice for a walk-in shower or similar installation. Matching shower tiles with flooring or countertops is a simple and effective way to improve the overall look and feel of the bathroom decor.

Photo by Barbara Grushow Designs INC

Accent Tiles

Major installations aren’t the only option you may want to consider. Using tile sparingly makes for an eye-catching decorative accent and will allow you highlight various aspects of the surrounding environment. While accent tiles may seem like a small concern, they often managed to make a big impact on the overall decor.

Photo by Valerie Grant Interiors

Durable, versatile and cost-effective, tile is a material that can be used in a seemingly endless range of home renovations and upgrades. Finding the right color and design can help to kick your next home-improvement project into high gear. Tile floors, counters and other installations can play an important role in ensuring y9ou are pleased with the results of your next home remodel, renovation or upgrade.

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