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5 Tips on Truck Hire in Melbourne

Although hiring a professional mover can be of great relief, if you prefer to run on a tight budget and save some money, truck hire Melbourne can be your best match. This article emphasizes some essential tips to consider when hiring a truck during your relocation.

Research Extensively

The first movers tip in Melbourne is that you should do extensive research. Make sure that you find the service providers located within your locale. You can ask your neighbors, friends or colleges other than the internet. Their website can be a great source of information to get a good idea about the quality of service they offer.

Compare quotations

Ask for quotations from the potential vendors. Make sure that you get at least a 4-5 quotations from different vendors and compare them. You should be wise enough to avoid “too good to be true” options.

Rely on written information only

No matter how friendly your vendor is, you should never rely on verbal quotations, estimates and agreements. Make sure that you get everything signed from the relevant authorities. Working with no paper work upon a moving task may pose a significant risk on your goods. A written agreement will prevent all the types of last minute surprises.

Verify their authenticity

Next Melbourne movers tip is that you should verify their authenticity. Carefully refer to their website, printed materials and see if they have obtained the proper certification from local authorities.

Preparation is the key

Moving from a house to house is a very responsible work. Things can go awfully wrong if you don’t work according to a plan. So, make sure you prepare a things-to-do list at least two months prior to your move.

Prepare an inventory

You must prepare an inventory at the beginning of the process. This process will allow you to get a good idea about the things you should take with you and things you shouldn’t. Plan a way to get rid of unnecessary and useless items.

Have some packaging supplies ready

Once you are done with the inventory, you should start looking for packaging supplies. Have plenty of boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, pens, old rugs, newspapers etc. ready. Contact your local store manager and see if they can provide you empty cardboard boxes.

Types of different moving trucks and their benefits

3 Ton Truck

A three ton truck can accommodate the stuff of an average bedroom. Ideal for a single person or a couple that has relatively less stuff to move. Less space for is required.

4.5 Ton Truck

This truck can accommodate stuff of two rooms. It is ideal for a small family. Relatively more space is required but it is very affordable than hiring two small trucks.

6 Ton Truck

A medium sized moving truck with a capacity above 25 cubic meters. If you have a medium sized load to carry with you, a 6 Ton truck will be the perfect solution.

8 Ton Truck

These trucks have the capacity up to 35 cubic meters. Larger space is the main benefit of this variety.

10 Ton truck

This probably is the largest truck variety. It is the best moving solution for a large family to move the stuff at once.

If carried out successfully with proper planning, Man and Van/truck service can save you a considerable amount of money. Before planning any moving process, you should know your budget and prepare. You can get a good idea about the moving charges simply by clicking on this link.

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