5 Tips to Overhaul Your Cluttered Garage

Garages across the country are vaults of forgotten toys, clothes, and tools. Reimagine that space with these 5 tips to organizing your cluttered garage.

Are you a homeowner whose garage is in dire need of cleaning and decluttering? Do you dream of parking your cars where they belong instead of using the garage as a dumping ground? Luckily, you can, and it only takes a day or two to have a fully functional garage space again. You can create enough space to put your cars inside, store your Christmas decorations, and keep your tools handy. All you need is a good plan, a little help from your family, and determination to complete this project quickly. Keep reading to learn 5 easy ways to clean and organize a cluttered garage and get more storage space.

1. Take Everything Out

The first step to decluttering is taking all the garage items out into one big pile. Before you start, if your car is inside, repark it outside to free space for the stuff. Then, remove everything from the shelves, empty all boxes, and start sorting through the items. Once you take everything out, you can plan to organize the space better and build new storage units if necessary.

2. Declutter the Stuff

The next step is garage cleaning and organizing. To start, divide the stuff into three piles: keep, donate, and throw away. You need to work quickly and get rid of everything that’s broken, outdated, or that you haven’t used in a while. This process requires time that you might not have, so you can always hire a same-day rubbish removal service to help you out.

3. Clean and Organize

Now that you know what you’re keeping and what you’re tossing, it’s time to organize the garage. Before you start, make a plan and head to your nearest hardware store to get some organizing tools and cleaning supplies. You’ll need boxes, shelving units, garbage bags, towels, a broom, a pegboard, wall hooks, and recycling bins. Then, start cleaning from the inside out: sweep and mop the floors, dust the surfaces, wipe down the walls, and finish off with the garage door.

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4. Determine Your New Garage Layout

Now that your garage is clean and empty, you can determine a new, more functional layout. You can install shelves on the walls, get new storage boxes, or divide the space into zones. This way, you can find anything you need in seconds without making a mess. For example, you can have a tool center, a recycling center, a car parts section, and a household section (for holiday decorations).

5. Set a Decluttering Schedule

It’s easy to fill your garage with new stuff now that it’s clean and there’s extra space available. This is why you need to make a maintenance schedule to help you keep it clean and tidy year-round. Monthly or quarterly maintenance is ideal, but biannual also works if the garage is not messy or cluttered.

A cluttered garage is every homeowner’s nightmare, but you can turn it around with a simple decluttering and organization process. Need more home maintenance and decluttering tips? Read some of our other articles on home organization and decor.

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