5 Tips For Moving In Together With Boy/Girlfriend

When you have been together with your partner for quite some time, the next logical move would be to move in together and see how you can get along when you’re living under one roof. Of course, each couple has their own reasons why they do this. Some simply want to wake up next to each other everyday and there are those who think it’s more economical, especially if they are renting.

Whatever your reasons are, undoubtedly, the transition can be quite daunting. Here are some helpful tips on how you can make this transition smoother.

Do an inventory of your stuff.

Most of the time, couples that decide to live together simply pack all the stuff of one partner and move it to the new place. This will not only cost you money, but it is counterproductive as well. The more stuff you need to move, the more it will cost you since you need to rent a bigger truck. Also, dumping all your stuff in the new place will make it chaotic and difficult to arrange.

So, before you pack all your stuff, do an inventory. It doesn’t make sense to have two coffee machines, or two irons. The duplicates need to be put in one corner so you can decide what to do with it. You can either sell them or give them away.

When it comes to furniture, you also have to decide whose furniture you want to use. More importantly, take measurements of large furniture such as the dining table and wardrobe so you will know if they are going to fit in the new place.


No matter how you like to think that you two are the same at everything, you’re not. Each person is unique and, therefore, have different wants, needs, and taste for decoration. Whether you are getting a new place, moving in with your partner or the other way around, you need to compromise.

For instance, your partner could be a minimalist and finds it chaotic when there’s too much decor in a home. Or if  you want to paint the bedroom red, but your partner dislikes loud color. Compromise. Find a color that you both like.

Discuss bills before you agree to move in.

When you are head over heels in love, you don’t think money is going to be an issue. Love conquers all and it’s all about the adventure. This may be true in the beginning, but when the bills start coming in, it will be a different story.

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Be absolutely clear about who’s paying what. Being honest with your finances is a good start. You both need to know how much of the rent each of you can pay, who’s paying for internet, and how you will divide the cost of food. The nitty-gritty details of the finances are what’s going to start a fight in the future if not discussed from the very beginning.

Keep your finances separate.

Even many married couples do this. You need to have total control of your own finances. If, for example, you both apply for a joint credit card and your partner suddenly makes a wrong move, their credit standing will not be the only one affected, yours, too.

It is understandable that you don’t want to think about breaking up, but it happens and you don’t want to shoulder your partner’s debt when it does.

When you make major purchases, you need to keep those separate as well or keep an excel sheet to keep track of who paid for the items. If you both decide to buy a new car, you need to put the agreement in writing. What percentage of the loan will each of you pay?

Keep in mind that you are sharing a space and it’s no longer just you.

When you have been independent for so long and you suddenly start living with someone else, it will take time to get used to sharing a space. You may be used to hogging the blanket or spending hours in the bathroom, and while you’re daydreaming in the tub, a rude knock on the door wakes you up and you’re being told to hurry up.

It’s time for you to make an adjustment. You have to learn to share and be considerate of your partner.


Moving in together is not the horror story some people want you to believe. It can be exciting, fun, and it could be a start of something wonderful, provided that you are somehow prepared. When challenges come your way, and they will, remember that you love each other and you can work through those challenges if you do it together.

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