5 Tips for Traveling by Train

Train travel in North America has been increasing in recent decades, with one of the most popular routes running through the Canadian Rockies. Those trips often begin or end in Alberta’s largest city, a place many have been making a move to, buying one of the Calgary houses for sale to take advantage of the increasing number of jobs in the area.

Despite that, train travel is still a much more popular method of transport in Europe and other places around the world like India which has the largest rail network of any other country, reports the BBC. But no matter where you’re planning to travel by train, if you don’t have a lot of experience with it, these tips will help ensure a smoother trip.

It’s Worth the Splurge on an Upgrade

Especially for long trips, booking an upgraded option is the best thing you can do for a more comfortable ride. Consider booking a business- or first-class seat instead of coach so you’ll have more legroom, better reclining options, and a footrest. Or, even better, book a sleeper cabin so you can actually lay down on an overnight trip.

Book the Right Seat

Window seats on trains are even better than window seats on planes as you’ll probably have at least some passing scenery to enjoy. Another thing to consider if you’re prone to motion sickness is to be sure you get a front-facing seat instead of one that faces to the rear so you’ll be able to see where you’re going.

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Stow Your Luggage the Right Way to Prevent Thievery

There’s really no reason to check a bag when traveling by train – it can easily be stowed on the rack above your seat, but you’ll want to be savvy about it to prevent something from being stolen. Stow it within sight if possible. If you have to leave luggage in a compartment farther away, try to get to know the people who will be near it. You might want to clip rucksack straps to the rack as a would-be thief won’t take yours if it can’t be grabbed quickly.

Use Your Time Wisely

During the day, take advantage of the time you’ll spend on the ride to get things done you’ve been putting off, or make plans for your next destination. You might go through your photos and delete the bad ones, get some work done, read a travel guide, update your blog, organize your backpack, write in a travel journal, or finally finish that good book.

Wear Comfy Clothes and Bring Items to Increase Comfort

While people once dressed up for train travel, that’s certainly no longer necessary now – in fact, the more comfortable your clothes are the better. You don’t want to be wearing sky-high heels or tight jeans. Think relaxed fit with soft, stretchy materials. Slippers are great to have for overnight train rides when you need to head to the bathroom. You may want some items to increase your comfort level too – if you have any back problems, a lumbar support pillow can help prevent lower back pain. Or, if you have short legs, taking along an inflatable footrest will mean your feet won’t be dangling uncomfortably.

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