5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality This Summer

We spend so much time in our homes. But have you ever wondered about the quality of the air that you breathe inside your home? Our indoor air contains all kinds of particles that might be bad for the health of you and your family.

This is even more important during summertime because of all the dust particles and pollutants flying around our homes. So to help you out, I will share my tips for better indoor air quality this summer:

1. Maintaining Clean Floors

Moving up and down will increase the chances of allergens and pollutants stacking in your home. During summer, everyone moves up and down because of how favorable the environment is. It, in turn, increases the chances of the presence of pathogens and pollutants inside your home.

Ensure to avoid these allergens from filling up your home because they cause asthma and allergies. Come up with strict rules such as everyone accessing your home should remove their shoes and leave them outside because shoes carry dust particles.

2. Cleaning the Ducts

Usually, pollutants like allergens and dust will gather and settle in the duct. These particles are stirred and blown to the different parts of your home whenever you run your air conditioning. Being a local company, we specialize in heating and cooling company, and we recommend having your ducts cleaned yearly to maintain clean and favorable air inside your home. Contact us for duct cleaning services and enjoy quality indoor air.

Also, invest in a dehumidifier. Pathogens and dust particles thrive during summer, and they trigger allergies. A dehumidifier will help in controlling the dust mites and molds from collecting in your home.

3. Have Potted Plants

Apart from how beautiful plants make your home look, they absorb CO2 at night and produce oxygen. Having potted plants in your home will help boost indoor air quality this summer by converting these toxins to oxygen that is beneficial to you. In place of chemical-based air purifiers, try planting more plants in your home and attain comfortable and clean air (source: NASA’s Clean Air Study).

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4. Clean Your Air Filters

You can use air filters for trapping air pollutants, dust, and dirt that are usually in the air. To filter the air properly, you have to clean it regularly and replace it every three months. We recommend doing filter maintenance and cleaning every two months to ensure it performs effectively for people with respiratory problems and allergies.

Boost ventilation in your home or business premises this summer. Suppose the air inside your home is not correctly circulating. In that case, it is likely to get contamination by stale pollutants. It does not matter whether or not your air conditioning is up and running. It cannot bring fresh air to your home. To get rid of contaminated air on your premises, get ventilation solutions. You can even change the ventilation systems of your home to new ones this summer.

5. Watch How Often You Are Opening Your Windows

On days during summer that have high pollen counts, do not open your windows. The idea of having fresh air in your home might sound reasonable. Still, it carries many pollutants and dust particles responsible for polluting indoor air. On high pollen count days, turn on your air conditioning to help maintain cool air, and on low pollen count days, open your window for air to circulate freely.

If you live with pets, have them regularly groomed this summer. Pets shade mostly during summer because the environment is conducive for them. They shed to start preparing their bodies for winter.

When you groom your pets in summer, you help reduce the amount of fur they will shed, thus keeping them comfortable and safe to be around. Please keep your pet’s hair as short as possible to avoid indoor contamination from their fur because pet dander can stay a long time in your house.


By improving on several activities done at your home like regularly cleaning your floors, cleaning the ducts, planting more plants, and cleaning and replacing the air filters, you will improve your home’s indoor air quality this summer!

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