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5 Tips for Choosing a Toilet for Your Home

There are many toilets available on the market. If you woke up today and felt the urge to get one, you can simply order one online or choose one from your local hardware store. However, this might not be the best way to do it. Before embarking on a journey to purchase a toilet for your home, you should consider a few factors. Below are tips to help you get the perfect toilet for your home:

1) Toilet Height

The recommended standard height for a toilet is 15 inches, but you will find some with greater or lesser height than this. To get the right toilet, you need first to consider those living in your house. This helps in determining the right size to go for.

In a home with toddlers, standard toilets would be ideal because they can easily sit on and get out the bowl. With the tall, the elderly, or those with special health conditions such as arthritis, knee pains, or physical disability, a standard toilet might not be for them.

The toilet would be uncomfortable to use since they would exert too much pressure to get to its level. In this case, consider the most appropriate height for your house occupants. Get slightly higher than the standard toilets that offer better comfort. To find out more about the right height for toilets, go through this comprehensive review by Home Worthy List for the complete details.

2) Cost

Toilets come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also made of different materials. These differences cause a difference in price. Despite all this, you should get a toilet that fits your budget. To get the right toilet for your budget, consider comparing toilets and their prices from different stores. This helps you get an ideal toilet at the right price. You can also request for a customized toilet from manufacturers, but the prices might be slightly higher.

3) Water Consumption

Water bills in the house can be high if not well managed. Toilets account to around 30% of the water consumed in a house. Getting a toilet that saves water would be a savings option. Less water would mean smaller bills. Toilets with efficient flushing technology would be ideal for your home. You can also consider toilets with a spit plunger that releases the flushing water in the tank in two phases.

4) Current Trends

Manufacturers are always coming up with new toilets and enhancing system to increase the efficiency of toilets. These improvements would help you go a long way as some help reduce wastage by recycling. Others improvements reduce water consumption, helping one save on waste and water bills. Some customizations such as the self-cleaning capabilities help reduce chores in the house. While purchasing a toilet, look out for new inventions and developments made on each toilet and get the most ideal for your household.

5) Size and Shape

Toilets differ in sizes all the time. In case of small bathroom space, get a small toilet to minimize the space it would occupy. The toilet shape should also be considered to ensure it fits right within the available toilet space in your bathroom. The wrong toilet can leave your bathroom feeling congested or unimpressive.

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