5 Tips in Choosing the Suitable Granite Edge Profile

Choosing the right granite edge profile may not seem like such an important deal when you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, truth is, the finishing touch on your granite edges can make or break a granite slab. The right granite edge profile can make your countertop look artistic and fancy or it can make it look rushed and not in sync with the kitchen or bathroom.

Granite edges used to be hand-made back in the old days. Polishing granite was also a manual job with a lot of labor. Nowadays it has become very easy to go on the internet and choose from the many granite edge profile designs available or even customize a design to suit your needs, and then with the help of professionals using advanced machines, you will have yourself a great granite edge profile in no time. We will be giving you our best 5 tips to help you choose the best granite edge profile.

Know Your Edge Profiles

Knowing these edges is the first step to choose a suitable one since every profile is different in terms of safety, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and style.  Here are some of the most popular profiles available:

  • Spanish: The Spanish edge has an extra 90-degree step, useful in reducing the volume of spills from your countertop, it can be a bit a harder to clean and unsafe for children than other edges.
  • Half-Bullnose: known for a rounded finish all around the edges including the top and bottom layers, it is the safest option if you are taking children playing around into consideration, don’t expect it to prevent spills from happening thanks to the curved end.
  • Ease: A 90-degree finish with a low degree curve that is popular with most countertops, gives a fuller or a thicker impression of the countertop and is easy to clean

Pay Attention to The Style

Granite edge profiles have the advantage of being customizable to a great extent, which makes it easy to design the edges that would meet your personal taste. No matter how fancy a granite edge may look, it will only fit your kitchen if it fits your style and pleases you aesthetically, whether it’s straight edges or Dupont Bullnose.

Material Matters

There are two ways that dictate how a material is chosen; first, choosing the material first and then finishing it with the most practical design that would fit your material and design; second, visualizing your design and then choosing the most practical material that would allow the visualized design and edge profiles to be created. Every material has unique features and a popular edge profile that is commonly used with consideration to its properties, either for practical uses or aesthetic ones.

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Don’t Be Out of Context

Every space has specific granite aesthetics that are best complemented by specific edge profiles. If the room is sharp with a low number of curves, then a complicated and curved edge profile would only look misplaced. Similarly, if the room is filled with curves, accessories, and decorations then a simple edge profile would only play against the context of the room. Visualize the granite edge profiles effect on your room before making any choices.

Consider Maintenance

Taking care of your countertop in terms of cleaning is very important, you need to keep in mind that the more complicated your edge profile is, the harder it will be for it to be cleaned, rocky finishes, for example, have a known tendency to collect dust and dirt thanks to the rugged finish. As long as you take care of your granite, your granite will take care of you.

Final Thoughts

Granite edge profiles overall can completely change the style and tone of a countertop and in turn the room. The many choices available are indeed overwhelming, but in the long run, all the time invested in finding that perfect edge profile is going to pay off when you realize that it has given a granite slab a soul of its own.

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