5 Things You Can Do to Brighten Up a Dark Bedroom

Exposure to too much light before bedtime and not experiencing enough sunlight during the day may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, experts say regulating your exposure to light is key for keeping your circadian rhythm in check.

Moreover, the National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your sleep environment dark at night, with things like light-blocking curtains or an eye mask. On the other hand, getting enough exposure to natural light during the day also plays a big role in improving your quality of sleep. Bad bedroom lighting can make or break a good night’s sleep, but luckily there are several ways to brighten it up.

Here are five easy things you can do to brighten up your dark bedroom.

1. Forego Dark-Colored Furniture

You may think furniture has nothing to do with bedroom lighting, but dark-colored furniture can make the entire bedroom look smaller (and sadder, too). With that in mind, swapping out dark and dreary furniture for white nightstands, dressers and bed frames can change the room’s vibe from dark and moody to calm and airy.

2. Choose Your Wall Color(s) Wisely

Just like furniture colors, the right wall colors set the tone for the entire room. Bedroom walls and ceilings are the first things you notice when you wake up and the last thing you see before bed. Thus, you want to choose calming and relaxing hues. Avoid colors that are too dark or too bright like black, red or yellow. Instead, choose cool tones like greens, grays or blues.

3. Let There be (Extra) Light

Rooms with natural lighting from big windows are ideal for brightening up a dark bedroom. But if your bedroom isn’t set up to get much natural light, then bringing additional lighting into your bedroom can help. Illuminate your bedroom with multiple light sources by installing one or more of the following:

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  • Ceiling fan fixtures
  • Side table lamps
  • Floor standing lamps
  • String lights
  • Soft wall lights
  • Dimmer switches

Using different types of lighting will help create a bright and airy ambiance. To that end, bedroom lighting should create a “peaceful, relaxing atmosphere using soft, flattering ambient light while providing bright spots in the places where they are needed.”

4. Install Smart Window Coverings

Another way to manipulate the lighting in your bedroom is by layering your window coverings. Blackout curtains are perfect for nighttime, but during the day you’ll want something that doesn’t make your room feel like a cave. Instead of choosing just one, layer your window coverings by hanging sheer drapes with darker curtains on top. That way, you can roll up the dark curtains during the day to let in natural light but have the option to be in total darkness at night.

5. Be Bold

It’s all about the details when it comes to brightening up your space. Energize your entire bedroom with bright, bold accent pieces to contrast your white furniture and subtle wall colors. Add in pieces like oversized mirrors, colorful area rugs, unique wall art and fun throw pillows.

Turn Your Bedroom’s Frown Upside Down!

Having a dark bedroom is ideal for getting a good night’s sleep. But, let’s face it — dark bedrooms are a total drag during the daytime. But by heeding these tips, choosing the right wall color and adding additional light fixtures will help to brighten up your bedroom. Plus, you’ll improve your quality of sleep, too!

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