5 Things to Look for in a Wifi Usb Adapter for Gaming

Purchasing a WIFI adapter isn’t a simple walk in the park. It requires a keen eye that’s interested in performance rather than appearance. Before heading out to buy a WIFI USB adapter, there are certain features you need to look for. Don’t select an adapter simply because it adorns your favorite color or it has the most antennas.

Every gadget comes with its specifications written on the box, so be sure to read that before making up your mind. If you’ve been wondering about the best wireless network adapters currently in the market, Topprobe has conducted a comprehensive review on this. Click here to read the review.

Here are 5 things to look for in a WIFI USB adapter for gaming:

Consider the frequency bandwidth

Before making any purchase, check whether your adapter uses a 5GHz or a 2.4GHz frequency band. The difference between these two bandwidths might seem insignificant but it could make an entire difference, depending on your gaming surroundings. If your house has a lot of walls or there’s too much interference created from other electrical devices around the room, you’ll be better suited with the 2.4GHz adapter. Although the 5GHZ WIFI adapter is faster, it suffers terribly from signal loss when subjected to lengthy distances.

Compatibility with your Operating System

Every PC needs an Operating System to run efficiently. This operating system (or OS) is responsible for most processes that occur in your computer, from booting up to facilitating wireless connections. Windows and Mac are probably the most popular operating systems in the market. However, there come in different versions. Ensure that the WIFI adapter you choose is compatible with your particular Windows/Mac version before purchasing it.

The type of USB port it supports

There are generally two generations of USB ports existing today (2.0 and 3.0). USB 2.0 is an archaic version that can be found in older PC models. This version performs less remarkably than its successor, ideally delivering an optimum speed of 60MB/S. USB 3.0, on the other hand, delivers faster transfer speeds that could even reach 640MB/S. clearly, the latter is preferred because it performs better and more efficiently. Delightfully, most advanced wireless USB adapters are equipped with USB 3.0.

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Price of the WIFI adapter

Although performance is crucial when searching for an ideal WIFI adapter, it’s also important to check how much it costs. Consider your own budget and then determine whether that particular adapter falls within your preferred price bracket. Whatever the case, don’t strain yourself financially – there are an assortment of well-performing wireless USB adapters in the market.

Design and warranty

Different individuals have varying tastes when it comes to the general design and appearance of their tech gadgets. That said, your selection should also boil down to your distinct preference. Some adapters are spherical in shape while others have a similar design to USB sticks. In addition, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer before making any purchase.

Look out for these 5 unique elements when searching for a good WIFI USB adapter for gaming.

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