5 Stunning Rug Designs to Wow All of Your Friends

When you think about inviting guests over to your home, your first thought is likely what they will think of your place. Your home is a reflection of your style. If you feel that your home just doesn’t reflect you, here are five stunning rug designs that can help make your place the talk of the town.


One stunning design that will be sure to please is geometrics. This design allows for a bit of intricacy with your rug while still remaining aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Opt for picking a solid backdrop color so that the geometrics can stand out with more of a bolder color. Bright colors like green, pinks, and purples are a great way to help make the design look unique and bring out other features within your home.

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One surefire rug design that you’ll find at almost any furniture store is the ottoman-style. This provides an old-world look that accents an abundance of home features. Wooden furniture, greenery, and metals tend to pop next to these older style rugs. They create a sense of calm, especially when in dark maroons and reds.

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If you want to impress without overdoing it, the minimalist rug style may just be the perfect option for you. These tend to come in plain colors like black and white. They’ll have minimal designs to them so that they are a step up from plain, but aren’t overly detractive from everything else in the room. The minimalist rug design uses texture, especially shaggy rugs, to provide character.

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If you really want to give that wow factor, then you need to purchase a cowhide rug. This provides any room with a focal point that can be one that all your friends will be talking about for weeks. Cowhides tend to provide a high-class look that intrigues the viewer with shape, texture, and color differences. You can typically find these in black and white as well as tan and white.

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Needle Prints

Needle print rugs are ideal for those spaces where you have a lot going on in your other decor. They provide a depth of design with their needle thin prints, however, they don’t overtake the overall look of the room. This is a perfect option that will allow you to have a killer rug design that matches your entire room instead of clashing with it.

Photo by Hoffman & Swinburne

Rugs are coming back into popularity as a great way to spice up any room in your home or apartment. The above five are some of the most common rug designs that people utilize to spice up their home. Just be sure to take into account the other items in your room when picking a rug to ensure they flow together with ease.

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