5 Remodeling Tips That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Remodeling any space of your home can feel exciting and thrilling, especially if you have a love for decorating and creating spaces throughout your home that are truly reflective of you, your sense of style, and your entire family. When you are considering a new home remodeling project for your kitchen, there are a few transformative tips to keep in mind before you get started with your remodeling blueprints and plans.

New Paint or Wallpaper

Whenever you are remodeling a high-traffic room or area such as a home kitchen, it is important to consider what type of paint or wallpaper you will use. While there are more modern wallpapers available on the market today, wallpaper is optimal for contemporary, traditional, and retro style kitchens, whereas paint is more trendy, hip, and modern today.

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If you choose to paint your kitchen, consider using a neutral color such as a gray, beige, or even an eggshell white, depending on your preferred style and the theme you are going for in the space. Lighter colors and less complex patterns are ideal for smaller spaces, as they help to give the illusion to more room. You can also use a neutral color as a base to contrast with the more dynamic color, carefully placed in the room.

Consider Eco-Friendly Appliances

Consider your kitchen remodeling project as an opportunity to invest in new eco-friendly kitchen appliances. Not only are eco-friendly kitchen appliances great for cutting down on energy waste and high energy bills, but they are also modern and work well in renovated kitchens. They can cost more upfront, but will likely save your money in the long run.

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Adding a Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island to your new kitchen can drastically transform the room while adding more space to entertain, eat, and prepare food. Whether you are interested in a traditional kitchen island or a U-shaped peninsula island, the addition itself with bring major transformation. An island also makes your kitchen a great place to hang out. It becomes easier to invite your friends over for drinks or to cozy up with your partner for a midnight snack.

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Installing Open Cabinets and Shelves

If you are thinking of renovating all of the cabinets and counters in your kitchen, consider the option of open cabinets and shelves. Open cabinets and shelves are modern, reduce the amount of space that is utilized in your kitchen, and provide a place to display china or other types of fancy dishware.

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Creative Lighting Solutions

Creative lighting solutions such as recessed lighting or even lighting beneath your cabinets can help with shaping the environment and atmosphere. Consider where you will need bright lights for cooking, but you can also add mood lighting.

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While transforming an entire home kitchen is not an easy or light task, it is much easier once you have an outline and a vision of the final result in your mind. By researching your options and considering your end goals, use a variety of kitchen remodeling tips that are sure to turn heads and help increase the overall value of your property.

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