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5 Pests to Watch For As Spring Arrives

As the seasons change and warm weather starts to arrive, it’s important to be aware of the pests increasing their activities now that more resources are available to them. As they wake up, that may become a problem in your home or yard as they decide to make it their source of food and shelter. While some pests are more active in summer and fall, there are many that are more active during the spring. Here are five pests to watch for as things get warmer.


Ants begin to become more active during warmer weather, especially if they have access to food like pet food, garbage cans, and pantries. They can also nest in areas such as your lawn, planter, or even your house if they’re able to find a viable space to make their home. To prevent ant infestations, make sure you clean up any food debris promptly and seal all cracks around your foundation to keep ants from entering your home. It’s also a good idea to have ant traps, and insect repellant sprays ready. When the situation escalates beyond your control, it becomes essential to contemplate ant control measures. Don’t let the presence of ants disrupt your peace of mind and compromise the cleanliness of your space.


Termites can cause extensive damage to structures as they feed on wood and other cellulose materials. The warm spring months are when termite activity begins to ramp up, so it’s important to inspect your property for signs of their presence, such as mud tubes or sawdust-like piles near the foundation of your home or around any wooden structures on your property. If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, contact a professional pest control company, someone like Rice’s Termite and Pest Control Services, for help treating the problem immediately.


Mosquitoes reproduce quickly in standing water and can quickly take over an area if not managed properly. To reduce mosquito populations around your home or business, it’s best to eliminate any standing water from gutters, bird baths, buckets, etc., as well as trim back any vegetation that might provide them with shelter and breeding grounds. Additionally, consider using a mosquito repellent spray on outdoor furniture or patio areas where mosquitoes might be present and investing in an insect net to hang on your porch or a bug zapper to attract them away from you.


Springtime often brings pesky fleas that can quickly take over the environment of your home. Generally enjoying warm and humid climates, fleas prefer to dwell on hosts such as cats, dogs, wild animals, or rodents that may be found in nearby forests or grassy areas. To preemptively fend off a flea infestation, it is important to vacuum regularly to eliminate any larvae in carpets, furniture, and floorboards. It is also suggested that pet owners consult with their veterinarians in order to get their furry friends on preventative flea treatments that help kill off any adult attention-seeking fleas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in mattresses, couches, and furniture where they can easily access people sleeping at night or resting during the day without being seen easily. To avoid bed bug problems this spring, inspect second-hand furniture thoroughly before bringing it into the house, vacuum regularly, remove clutter from bedrooms, seal cracks around baseboards, check suitcases after traveling, and wash the bedding often in hot water. Contact a professional pest control service immediately if you find signs of bed bugs anywhere on your property.

Spring is here, which means so are certain pesky invaders! By familiarizing yourself with these common pests — along with best practices for prevention — you can help ensure that these unwanted guests don’t ruin your season! Be proactive about checking for these potential threats indoors and outdoors; if you do notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s best to call a pest control specialist immediately! In no time at all, you will be able to enjoy your spring days without worrying about pesky critters lurking about.

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