5 Pests That Will Try to Get Into Your Home This Spring

When the weather begins to get warmer, insects and other creepy crawlers start to emerge from their winter hiding places. They’ll be searching for reliable sources of food and water. If you fail to take the necessary precautions, your home can become infested. Here are five pests that will try to get inside your home this spring.


During the spring, heavy rainfall often forces ants to seek higher ground. The wet conditions can definitely drive these insects into your home. It only takes a few crumbs to feed an entire colony. Although ants may be tiny, don’t underestimate the amount of trouble they can cause. While carpenter ants are known for causing structural damage, odorous house ants have a reputation for contaminating food.


In the eyes of many people, termites are the most destructive of all household pests. These wood-devouring insects slowly destroy dwellings from the inside out. It could cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage. Don’t be surprised to see termites swarming near your home after a spring storm. Although termites come out to feed, they usually take refuge under the ground. Pest control experts recommend eliminating any nests as soon as possible.


Rodents have a knack for invading homes and buildings during the spring. Because mice and rodents have such flexible bodies, they can easily slip through small holes. This is why pest control companies, like Skeeter Beater and other local consultants, stress the importance of closing rodent entry points. Once these creatures come inside, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to multiply in number. Aside from leaving behind disgusting droppings, rodents can create fire hazards by gnawing through electrical wires.

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After waking up from their winter slumber, spiders will be aggressively searching for prey. From moths to mosquitoes, they feed on a wide range of different insects. While spiders may do a good job of helping control local inspect populations, you definitely don’t want them hanging around your home. Some species are dangerous, especially black widows. These venomous spiders can cause you to experience a number of frustrating symptoms, including muscle cramps and swelling.


Once flies mature during the spring, they flock to areas where humans inhabit. While flies will eat virtually anything, they especially love decaying material. This is why you may see them circling trash cans. Because these unsanitary insects are known for spreading disease, it’s important to keep them away.

Spring is considered to be the season of rebirth. Unfortunately, it tends to bring out the worst critters. Don’t allow your home to become a hotspot for pests.

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