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5 Must-have Accessories When Designing Your Dream Backyard Pool

When you are thinking about adding a swimming pool to your property, there are several ways to make a backyard special. Today, there are several accessories that you can request for the pool or its surrounding area. Consider these accessories for your backyard when you have a swimming pool added to the property.

Build a Fire Pit Near to the Swimming Pool

You can have a fire pit built near the deck of the swimming pool so that you can have parties that involve cooking food with sticks over the flames. When you have seating areas around the fire pit, you and your guests can sit to relax while getting warm after swimming. For safety, make sure that the fire pit is away from your home and any trees or other plants.

Photo by ROCHE+ROCHE Landscape Architecture

Add a Hot Tub to Your Property

While adding a swimming pool to your property, you can also request a hot tub addition. This device is made for one or more individuals who can sit in the warm whirling water to alleviate health problems that can include the pain from arthritis. A hot tub is also a great place for friends to sit and talk to each other. Hot tubs are often placed nearer to a house so that you can use the item during the autumn when it is colder.

Photo by DreamScapes Landscaping & Design, Inc.

Fun Slides for Entering the Swimming Pool

When a contractor is designing a custom-built swimming pool, it can have one or more slides attached to the deck of the pool. These accessories are especially fun for children, but adults may also like entering the pool from a slide rather than walking or diving into the pool. If you want to have slides as accessory items, then the devices require the proper shape and design.

Photo by Timothy Sheehan, ASLA

Patio Furniture for the Swimming Pool’s Deck

If you want to sunbathe or if you want to supervise any children who are swimming, then you should have patio furniture on the deck so that you have a place to sit. There are numerous styles of patio furniture, and you can find chairs, tables, benches and sofas to keep outside your home. You can find basic patio furniture, but there are also deluxe pieces of furniture that have durable upholstery.

Photo by Dumican Mosey Architects

Lighting Fixtures Around the Swimming Pool

If you want to extend the amount of time that you can use a swimming pool, then you can add various types of lights to the area. You can have mood lighting, security lighting or insect-repellent lighting around the swimming pool’s deck.

Photo by Artistic Landscapes

Last, make sure to follow your geographic region’s guidelines concerning safety protocols for swimming pools, including having security fencing around the item.

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