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5 Modern Replacements for Your Antiquated ’70s Bathroom

When you haven’t updated your home’s bathroom since the 1970s, it will look old-fashioned. The bathroom is probably the most used space in a home, so you should make major changes so that it looks better. In addition to an improved appearance, the renovation of a bathroom can make it more functional.

A Low-Flow Toilet

While searching for a toilet for the bathroom remodeling process, make sure to find one that has a smaller tank. This bathroom fixture can save you money by using less water when the toilet is flushed. You can find gorgeous low-flow toilets that are in a variety of styles and colors so that a bathroom is more attractive.

Photo by Westcott Construction Ltd

New Tiles in the Bathroom

You should have the old wall and floor tiles removed from a bathroom so that you can replace the items with new materials. There are thousands of types of tile materials to choose from, including ceramic or glass. Tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, textures and colors, making it easier to create unique bathroom decor.

Photo by Kristy Noble Photography

Replace the Countertop and the Sink

Replacing the sink and countertop in a bathroom is imperative, but you will also want to choose a bathroom vanity that has storage space. Most homeowners want to have a wooden cabinet with a larger sink and a beautiful faucet. These cabinets can have doors to open for storage along with the repair of the pipe underneath the sink, but you can also choose cabinets that have drawers or open shelves. Don’t forget to hire an electrician to install the lights above the bathroom sink.

Photo by Beinfield Architecture PC

Install a New Bathtub

During the bathroom renovation, you can have a new bathtub installed. There are larger soaking bathtubs available, but you might prefer a smaller bathtub to save water. You can also have a walk-in bathtub installed that makes it easier for an elderly or infirm individual to bathe. There are also bathtubs that have slip-resistant surfaces. Modern bathtubs are made in an assortment of colors and shapes.

Photo by Walls and Floors

New Accessories for the Bathroom

You should choose new accessories for the bathroom, including towel bars near the sink and the bathtub. There are also toothbrush holders, soap dishes and hooks for hanging bathrobes. For additional safety, you may want to install grab bars on the walls near the bathtub or the toilet.

Photo by Roeshel

While the technicians are working on the bathroom project, you should make sure to have the pipes inside the walls replaced. This can prevent problems in the future from leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures.

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