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5 Magical Looking Interior Designs Inspired by Japanese Anime

Studio Ghibli is the Japanese production company behind animated classics like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. These iconic movies are famous for their mysterious characters, mind-bending plots, and magical locations where anything can (and usually does) happen.

But what would the Studio Ghibli universe look like in real life? Household Quotes has the answers. It recently came up with some interior designs based on five Studio Ghibli classics. 

Check them out for some truly unique design inspirations.

A private sanctuary

The world can be a big and scary place sometimes. So we all need a private getaway, somewhere to escape the noise and recharge the batteries. And Arrietty’s bedroom from the 2000 animation The Secret World of Arrietty is the perfect hideaway. Oversized plants evoke a relaxing vibe, while the antique furniture and rustic touches make this feel like a room where time stands still.

The heart that every home needs

A kitchen is the beating heart home of every home. It’s where families come together to eat, share their stories, and form deep bonds that last a lifetime. With its open fireplace, low-hanging pendant lamp, and exposed brickwork, Zeniba’s Kitchen from Spirited Away encapsulates the comforting feel that makes home such a special place.

Retro steampunk bathroom styles

If you’re looking for some quirky bathroom designs, check out Howl’s steam-punk-inspired water closet. The vintage copper pipes, gilded towel rail, and psychedelic paint job capture the retro futuristic aesthetic that helped make Howl’s Moving Castle an instant Studio Ghibli classic. Love it or hate it, this is one of those designs that demands your opinion.

Everything in its right place

For some, the lived-in look is what transforms a house into a home. For others, a single coaster out of place is a mini-crisis requiring immediate action. So if you’re one of life’s organizers who needs everything to be in its proper place, you’ll fall in love with this recreation of Anna’s Bedroom from When Marnie Was There. The clean lines and perfectly positioned furniture create a sense of routine and order. At the same time, a soft spring-green color scheme and uncluttered oak desk reflect a quiet calm that seems to whisper, “work is over. It’s time to relax.” This is a bedroom designed for the up-and-coming executive who appreciates the finer points of feng shui.

The “purr-fect” office space

Things can get pretty bizarre in the Studio Ghibli universe. As the protagonist of The Cat Returns, Haru Yoshioka is forced to go on a quest to free herself from an arranged marriage to a cat. Her journey takes her to the Cat Bureau, where she seeks some advice from a half-man/half-cat called Baron Humbert von Gikkingen. Inspired by the classical English styles, the Baron’s office is decked out with high Georgian windows, oak bookshelves, and a white marble Victorian fireplace. And there’s a comfy-looking velvet chaise lounge for whenever the Baron fancies another afternoon catnap.

You don’t need to be a Studio Ghibli super fan to appreciate its unique aesthetics. So even if you’ve never heard of Princess Mononoke or Pom Poke, you can still use these 5 design tips to create your own magical-looking interiors.

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