5 Lofty Tips on Doing up Your Attic from EKCO

So what’s it like, your attic? Is it dark and creepy – the place into which you dare not venture? Unless of course you’re the heroine in the latest slasher movie who just has to find out where that scratching sound is coming from. Shame really as it probably has so much potential. At the moment your loft may be filled to the rafters with memorabilia of your childhood and old broken toys that you just can’t bear to part with but with a bit of imagination and a modest budget you could make it the new, must-have accessory in your street. Here are 5 tips from EKCO for turning your much ignored extra room into something special.

Clear the decks

First of all you need to be ruthless. Are you really going to try to squeeze into those flared dungarees you had as a teenager? Thought not so gather up all your clothes, bric-a brac and other odds and sods and take them to car boot sale. Where there’s muck there’s brass and you could make enough dosh to buy that extra little something for your new room that you’ve been drooling over.


Turn down the heat

If you still have a water tank and an old fashioned boiler in your attic you need to get rid of it and replace it with a modern combi-boiler. This will help you create the space you need for your new den.

Room at the top

If you’re thinking of transforming your attic into an extra bedroom you may want to consider installing an en-suite bathroom or shower room. Better still, why not opt for an open-plan walk-in shower to give you that real feeling of tranquillity. Plus, it won’t half reduce the early morning bathroom queue in the main house. There are other considerations to take into account such as fire regulations and the increased weight on your downstairs ceiling so check these details with a builder friend or an architect.

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Save the storage

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your junk you should need considerably less storage space.  A great idea is to fit access hatches at the sides where you can store your precious cargo. Or if you’re planning to make the attic into an additional bedroom built-in wardrobes are a great space saver.


A sound idea

Now that you’ll be clomping around in your new cave you’ll need to make sure that your attic floor is soundproofed. This is easily done by laying a mineral fibre quilt beneath the joists. Once you’ve got it sorted you can crank up the sound and boogie till your heart’s content.

For further details on converting your loft or installing a new bathroom or shower room, contact ECO Bifold Doors.


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