5 Items To Include On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Scroll through different social media platforms, and you’ll see some of the most breathtaking outdoor destinations in the world. Seeing these pictures can inspire you to take a break from your daily routine and spend more time in nature.

Going on outdoor adventures can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. But before you go on one, you need to pack specific items to ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment when you’re out and about. These photo-worthy destinations are still wilderness areas, and going there unprepared can lead to injuries and accidents and prevent you from enjoying.

Make sure to include the following items on your next outdoor adventure:

1. First Aid Kit

No amount of preparation can immune you from the dangers outdoors. No matter how you researched the destination, you can still scrape your knee or sprain your ankle.

To guarantee your safety and enjoyment on your next outdoor adventure, never leave home without a first aid kit. This kit should include gloves, tapes, band-aids, and gauze. It’s also important to pack antibiotic creams, antiseptic sprays, and scissors in your first aid kit.

Generally, the size and content of your first aid kit should depend on the duration of your outdoor adventure. The longer you’ll spend time outdoors, the more items you need to add to your first aid kit.

2. Camping Fire Pit

Camping fire pits are great investments, especially if you love spending time outdoors. This item is very versatile as it can do a lot of things and can make your life easier as an adventurer.

You can use camping fire pits in different ways. For one, you can use it to repel mosquitoes and other pests when you’re outdoors. Simply burn a few sprigs of herbs, such as thyme, and watch as mosquitoes flee your campsite.

Having portable camping fire pits are also useful when cooking meals and making torches. This item will also make it very easy for you to make bonfires, perfect for keeping you warm while you’re gazing at the stars during nighttime.

3. Food and water

Going on an outdoor adventure will require a lot of energy from your body. It’ll be challenging for you to complete a hiking trail or camp in the middle of the forest if your body lacks energy.

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Keep your energy levels up throughout your outdoor adventure by bringing a sufficient amount of food and water. Some of the most practical food ideas to bring when you’re outdoors are eggs, sausages, filled croissants, and chicken wings. These foods are easy to transport and can keep you full for longer periods. Granola bars are also great options since they are conveniently available anywhere and don’t require any cooking.

As for the water, bring large tumblers with you. If you want to bring extra, make sure to bring additional containers and fill them in travel centers, campgrounds, and rest stops. The body is about 70% water, and not getting enough water can prevent your organs from functioning properly.

4. Extra Layers

Checking the weather forecast is essential before going on an outdoor adventure. However, even the most advanced tools can’t accurately predict the weather. You’ll be surprised how abrupt the weather changes—from sunny skies to heavy rains.

Prepare for your next outdoor adventure by bringing extra layers of clothing. Ideally, you should bring extra layers of clothes for nighttime sleeping, such as sweat pants and sweatshirts. If possible, look for pieces made from nylon or fleece, as these materials hold warmth better.

To protect yourself from heavy rains, consider bringing a poncho with you. Packing weather-resistant boots and waterproof jackets can also ensure your comfort no matter how inclement the weather gets.

5. Shelter

Your outdoor adventure will become a disaster if you go on one without any shelter. How can you sleep in the middle of the forest if you don’t have the right equipment? Do you think you can survive one night outdoors if you don’t have any shelter?

Shelter is vital in any outdoor adventure, so make sure to bring one. You can pick different types of shelter: a tarp, tent, or space blanket. Aside from allowing you to sleep comfortably at night, your shelter can also protect you from wild animals and keep you warm during a storm.

Once you’ve picked what type of shelter to bring, spend some time setting it up in your own lawn or backyard. This will minimize problems when you’re already outdoors.

Ready For Your Next Outdoor Adventure?

Now that you know which items to bring on your next outdoor adventure, start looking for destinations. Ask for recommendations from family and friends or do some research online. By packing the right items and choosing the right destination, your next outdoor adventure will surely be one from the books!

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