5 Inspiring Ways to Transform Empty Outdoor Spaces

1. Create Your DIY Glamping Space!

You won’t have to travel miles away to go glamping. Bring the trendy and exciting outdoor experience right outside your home! One of the basic things you will need are a glamorous tent or a teepee tent, some faux grass, fairy lights and lots of cozy decorations! You can also set up a white sheet and a projector for a cool glamping activity. Plan out how your fabulous campsite will look like to know the additional amenities you’ll need.

2. Build Your Patio

Alfresco dining sure sounds refreshing! Now you can have your own fresh open-air venue for all those garden parties and afternoon lunches! Garden sets aren’t the only things you can add when designing your own patio. You can style it up more with hammocks, hanging plants, vintage items and stone paths. Express yourself by building it however you want to. You can easily find inspirations that will suit your lifestyle!

3. Grow Your Own Garden

If you want to add nature’s beauty to your empty backyard space, then you will need to know a few basic things. First, plan out the area for your garden then identify which plants to choose and which ones fit weather conditions. After that, the design and whole look of your garden is up to you!

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4. Rent Out Your Small Space

If you want your empty space to work for you, you could easily build and rent out small homes like relocatable cabins. According to the Census of Population and Housing, 32% or 2.6 million Australian households were renters in 2016. In times when housing demand is strong, affordable relocatable cabins or relocatable cottages are the best option for an easy and fast building process. You just need to review your local rent policy and do a few decorating and furnishing here and there, then you’re done!

5. Create Your Private Studio or Workspace

You can also build relocatable cabins for yourself! Having your own private space to do your work or hobbies is a dream, especially for most creative professionals! Create an area free from all distractions and make it a place exclusively for you!

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