5 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen on a Budget

Perhaps you have been dreaming of a kitchen makeover, but you are worried about the high cost of remodeling. You have every right to worry; in fact, according to Remodeling Magazine analysis, a full kitchen remodeling is about $60,000. With that kind of figure, you can easily ignore your outdated kitchen and use what you have. You could even borrow money or a low-interest credit card, but this means that you will pay interest on your kitchen as well.

Fortunately, you can spruce up your kitchen with some simple and effective tips without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. These tips include:

Add some new paint and new curtains

Never underestimate the impact of new paint and new curtains to match. Fresh paint will give the room a new look. Painting your kitchen is among the most cost-effective ways to make a considerable change to your room. You can even paint the kitchen yourself. This will save you more money.

Photo by My Design Studio, Yasmine Goodwin

Curtains, on the other hand, can also make a huge difference. You should always change your kitchen curtains periodically since they absorb all the smells and smoke. Replacing them and matching them with the new colors of the kitchen can make the kitchen feel fresh and new.

Update instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets

In most cases, when doing a kitchen remodeling project, you find that one of the things people do is to get new kitchen cabinets. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on new kitchen cabinets if the current ones are still in good shape.

Photo by Venegas and Company

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If your kitchen cabinets are made from solid wood, a few simple upgrades can make them look great. Some of the ways to update them include:

  • Replacing the knobs, hinges, and pulls
  • Sanding and re-staining to get rid of scratches, oily stains, etc
  • Painting them in a color that’s appealing to you.

Improve the lighting

The lights and light switches play an important role in how bright and welcoming your kitchen feels. When it comes to choosing lighting for your kitchen, go for warm lighting. Avoid overly dim lighting. The light switch panels should match the hardware of your kitchen. You can easily find light fixtures and light switches at any home improvement store.

Photo by Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

Enhance your appliances

Did you know that you can give your appliances a new color with vinyl? You can basically cover your basic stainless appliances such as wood fired oven, refrigerator, microwave, etc. with a pretty shade of mint. That’s brilliant, right!

Photo by ARTO

Refresh the sink

Give your sink a new look by painting it. You can use sandpaper and a can of spray paint that is designed for metal to give your sink a fresh look. You can upgrade the faucet instead, if you are not into painting. The faucet is the focal point in the kitchen, so it’s important to give it a fresh look as well. When selecting a faucet, choose a design that suits your personality. You will be surprised at the difference a new faucet will make when you are washing your utensils.

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