5 Impressive Benefits Of Glass Balcony Balustrades

If you’ve never considered a glass balustrade before then it’s time you did. You’ve probably come across them in office buildings and other places but may never have considered them for your own home.

There is no doubt that a glass balustrade is beautiful, when properly crafted they are effectively works of art. That’s why it’s important to select a supplier of balustrades Sydney, or near where you live, that has a good reputation.

But, they are not just stunning to look at, here are 5 benefits of glass balcony balustrades you may not have known about:


When you use glass as a balustrade you’re creating the illusion of more space. This is because a barrier creates an end to the space available and your mind automatically registers this and works out the space available for you to move around in.

However, if the barrier is glass, it’s not registered so easily in your mind, allowing you to see the space on both sides of the barrier as available. In short, any balcony will feel much larger.


Glass lets light through helping to illuminate the area behind, your balcony. This will allow you to use the balcony later in the evening. Allowing the light through can also help to illuminate the space inside the building, standard balustrades often block most of the light, making it darker inside. This isn’t an issue when dealing with glass.


Glass balustrades are made from toughened glass for safety, this means they are extremely strong and will protect you from falling out, or off the balcony. This is the reason they are also popular in the stairs.

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But glass isn’t just strong enough to protect you from falling, it is also surprisingly durable. In fact, with very little maintenance a glass balustrade will last for years.


Glass is actually very easy to keep clean. While it is true that you’ll see any fingerprint or smudge, it is also true that they can be easily wiped off. A little water and vinegar ix on a regular basis are all it will take to keep your glass balustrade looking like new.

That’s much easier than washing or brushing around the standard balustrade designs and having to coat them with varnish or some other paint periodically.

Complements Everything

Glass is great because it complements any type of furnishing or any style of home. It doesn’t matter what décor you have, traditional, classic, contemporary, all are viable options to complement a glass balcony and leave your home looking stunning.

This makes it much easier to change your décor and keep your house looking fantastic without the expense or hassle of altering your balustrades.

In fact, there are plenty of other reasons why you should be using glass in your balcony balustrade, but these 5 should be enough to convince you to change your balustrade to a glass one, it could even add value to your home.

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