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5 Ideas that Will Transform Your Kitchen into a New One

Many people confuse between renovation and remodeling, but these terms mean different things. Renovation is about updating your kitchen and improving its look, without changing its purpose. Remodeling, on the other hand, deals with altering the design or the structure of the room. Remodeling changes the purpose of the room.

Transforming Your Kitchen

Although some people think transforming your kitchen takes a lot of money, you can still do this within your budget by doing simple things. If you’re wondering how to renovate your kitchen, the following ideas will help you:


Transforming your kitchen doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank; you can take simple actions, like include artwork on the walls. A gallery wall not only suits the living room but can also spruce up things in the kitchen. You could create a chalkboard wall which is cheap and beautiful.

Photo by Tessuto Interiors

Update the Metals

If you have old metal appliances and hardware, it is time to change this and give your kitchen a new look. Modern metal designs are made of stainless steel, matte aluminum, and even brushed gold. You should even update your gas and charcoal grill to make cooking more fun.

Photo by Weidmann Remodeling

Another way to transform your kitchen is by mixing different metals. You can create a stylish look by choosing a dominant metal; this can be your favorite. Then choose 2 other metals that complement and complete the project effortlessly.


Most times, we change everything but forget about the floor which wears out quickly. Switch up from your old flooring and make your floor new. The kitchen experiences a lot of foot traffic; this is why it gets old easily. You not only need a beautiful floor but a sturdy one so it can last.


You can utilize natural stone tiles which are durable, strong, and very hard. The best thing about natural stones is that you can choose from marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, and granite. You can also choose linoleum, vinyl, and other options.

Transform Your Cabinet

You need to update your kitchen cabinet just like you upgraded your gas and charcoal grill. Upper cabinets are old fashioned and create a claustrophobic feeling. You can change this by replacing the wooden doors with glass fronts. You can also go for open shelves.

Photo by Design Focus

Updating your cabinets sometimes involves adding new ones. You can upgrade your kitchen by expanding the storage areas; for instance, you can add shelves above the fridge. Movable cabinets are also useful in those hard to reach areas.


People notice everything in your kitchen, especially old, outdated countertops. If your counters are laminated, you can transform them by painting. The good thing about this is that prefabricated kits for painting your countertops are readily available.

Photo by Nolan Painting Inc.

You can even install butcher block countertops to create a cozy cottage environment. They are affordable and easy to install. You have various types of butcher block countertops to choose from.


If you think your kitchen needs a makeover, it’s probably time to transform it by changing several features. You don’t have to spend your savings doing this, and you also don’t have to change everything at the same time. Changing a single aspect makes a big difference.


Photo via Houzz

How long did it take to transform your kitchen? Any tips from personal travel blogs that you can share with us? Please leave a comment.

Author Bio:

Mary Garden  is a dedicated freelance writer and interior designer. She has written several magazines and articles about home renovation and remodeling with the intention of helping homeowners. Whenever she is not working, she spends her time reading, watching documentaries, visiting home expos, and hiking. She loves renovating old houses.

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