5 Ideas for Bedroom to Save Tons of Space

Managing small rooms can be challenging, but, at the same time, it can be fun. Here are some great tips on how you can adjust all of your stuff in a small bedroom and still make it look good.  Let’s learn to make the most of small rooms!

Maximize Under the Bed

Using the space under your bed for storage purposes is excellent as it does not only contain a lot of stuff but also hides it and makes your room look more spacious. I know it might seem a little cringe just to stuff things under your bed, but here are few ideas that can make this process more sophisticated and organized:

Buy Storage Bed

Storage beds can be an expensive option; however, you can find great deals during promotional sales, etc. If you can get your hands on one, it’s going to work wonders for you. You can out any not-currently-using item in there.

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Since storage beds can strain the budget, install drawers under your bed, instead. You can buy drawers and use them under your bed or DIY.

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DIY Drawers and Storage Solutions

The best part about DIY-ing drawers is that you can customize the size, shape, and look of the drawer according to your needs. You can use wood, plastic, or any other material that suits your needs and budget.

Photo by Kropat Interior Design

Installing Shelves

Shelves do not only help in saving space but are a great way of improving the aesthetics of the room. You can display your books, various collections (if you’re a collector), and even lamps and folded clothes. It depends on your sense of style how you utilize each shelve to get more out of small space and maintain the aesthetics of your room, simultaneously. Consider the following before making your purchase.

  • The material of the shelf
  • Dimensions of the shelf
  • Installation point

Photo by Normandy Remodeling

Make sure to buy a sturdy material like wood for durable shelves. This way, placing a relatively massive object like dictionaries and stone ornaments would not be a problem. The dimensions should be proportional to your room; you do not want to cord you place with planks on the wall. Also, never install shelves too high or too low; this can not only be inconvenient in usage but also ruin the symmetry of your room.

Use All Available Surface Space

Crowding the floor of the bedroom is a bad idea. It will make your room look congested and messy. To use surface space, try portable stairs and racks to put stuff in. Decorate cartons and drawers, the way you like, and place them on each step and Voila! A well-organized room that looks good regardless of size.

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Photo by Akke Woodworks

Moveable hanger racks are another excellent option for this purpose. Your clothes would not only be available at hand but be organized as well; you can move the rack wherever you want with minimal effort.

Dining Table Adjustment with Bedroom

Combining rooms is common for people living in studio apartments. If done correctly, this can bring out an artistic look of your room. You can use the following ideas to adjust your dining room in your bedroom with minimum effort and no mess at all.

Strategic separation

When you combine the bedroom and dining room, you must keep the setting strategic so separation is shown. For this purpose, you can use the color contrast technique; solid bold colors can be used for parquetry and carpeting or patterns like stripes, spirals, etc. can be used for distinguishing each side (of the room) and its purpose. You can also use rugs for a similar purpose.

Photo by Posh Interiors Austin

Foldable furniture

Foldable furniture does not only serve its purpose but also saves space which works great for studio apartments. If you feel like the foldable furniture takes away the sophistication of your setting, use elegant flatware sets and table clothes. If you have a warm-colored theme of the setting, gold flatware sets would create a picture-perfect ambiance for your place.

Photo by Studio Hus

Use Strategic Furniture

Do not overwhelm your place with foldable furniture everywhere; instead, use strategic planning to place each piece of furniture in the right spot keeping the symmetry undamaged and aesthetics of ambiance high. Avoid bright colored couches and closets, if you plan on merging rooms. It will not only drag more attention to congestion but also look tacky. Go for minimal warm tones and select furniture of shapes that fit the place. For example, an L-shaped sofa would be great for the living room as it can be placed in the corner along the wall. Round dining tables can be set in front of the windows, balancing the square-shaped light entering the room through the mountain and hence, maintain symmetry. Also, instead of cluttering furniture and creating a disorder, go for convertible furniture; you can pull out a study table from the wall and push it back in the closet when you are done studying.

Photo by Ania Omski-Talwar

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Have you ever imagined a hybrid table or closet just because you could not fit your newly bought piece of furniture in the small space? Well, now you can get multi-purpose furniture which is a 2-in-1. Multifunctional furniture lessens the disorderliness in your space and limits the number of furniture pieces to provide a vacuous look.

Photo by Murphy Bed Concepts, Inc.

Ditmar coffee tables and pull-out-desks are not only trending these days but are also contributing to the best possible space-saving solutions. Convertibles, including couches and tables, work splendidly in space-saving as well as money-saving. They cost a little more than normal couches but less than two pieces of furniture.

Innovative designs have solved the tiny space problem. There are various tables, including coffee tables, dining tables, and side tables that are rotatable; with a unique style, they provide great functionality.  Now you can cut down the cost of expensive furniture along with the price of a contractor for installation and assembling of that furniture. Save space, time, and money, and make a secure purchase with various benefits.

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