5 Home Design Skills Anyone Can Master

Decorating a home is a struggle for many. One of the reasons is that most people assume that they lack a creative mindset or that they need relevant education. There is no secret rule book that designers follow. It’s all about imagination, experimenting and exploring. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to create a beautiful setting. There are some tried and tested principles that guarantee amazing results every time. The rest depends on your adventures spirit and personal sense of style.

1. Embracing  Colour

Applying with colour can be an intimidating perspective. Cleaning out your colour mistakes is costly and difficult. Many people don’t feel comfortable to incorporate various shades because they may get it wrong.  Why limiting your choice and missing out so many options? Picking colours is not as hard as you imagined. If you are not confident in your colour selecting abilities, start small. Use only three complementing shades.  They should not be necessarily of the same pallet. Contrasting tones can also be harmonious.  If you are not good at mixing shades, use online colour scheme designer to create combinations that look well.


2. Working with Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion are key concepts in interior design. Figuring how to apply them in practice is quite challenging. Scale refers to the overall visual size. For example, how objects in your interior look next to each other and how they fit in a certain space. To create a dynamic decor you need big and small, short and tall things to bring contrast. Nothing will stand out, if everything is the same size. A variety of scale will add interest and drama in the room.

You need to be mindful about the proportion of each furniture piece you put in the room. Avoid placing a very small item next to a large one. The setting will look unbalanced.

3. Applying Layers

Layers are another way to add a little something to the decor. You can apply it to different texture, fabrics, accessories and even artwork. Mix up different materials – rough and smooth, soft or fluffy. Pay attention to the way it looks and feels. Layers are great for tying up the decor and connecting the different elements.

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4. Create a Perfect Imperfection

You know how designers are able to create casually stylish spaces? You can do it too. The secret is not to strive for symmetry. Instead look for balance. The imperfect arrangement of items actually makes perfect sense. You don’t want a place that looks like a museum exhibition.  You want a cosy place that feels your.  This doesn’t mean that you should get messy and stop cleaning for a month. Things can be dispersed, while still looking neat.


5. Adding Personal Touch

If you want a room that really stands out, you should embrace your quirky side. Translate your inner weirdness into your décor by filling it with things your love and that represent your own style. You don’t need to be an expert to create a cosy and warm atmosphere.  The only thing you should do is to dig into the hidden treasures you have at home.  You can use this time for a quick cleaning and get rid of the unnecessary. If you own an interesting collection, put it on a show.


Eva Henderson is a guest post and freelancer writing on behalf of Bayswater carpet cleaning company. She is passionate about Home Design and Interior.

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