5 Great Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

Did you bite off more than you can chew? We want the best for our furry friends, but sometimes we take on too much and don’t have the time to get them out of the house for a walk. If this is you, a dog walking service may be what you need.

The dog walking industry is more significant than you might think. There are close to 29,000 companies in the United States offering dog walking. So what are the reasons to hire a dog walker? Keep reading to learn five ways a walking service will help your dog.

1. Exercise

Dogs need exercise as much as people do. If they aren’t active, they can develop health problems. Exercise not only helps their health but also tires them out. Your dog will be much more willing to lay down and sleep at the end of the day if they spend their energy.

2. Socialization

How much interaction with other dogs and people does your dog get? If you don’t socialize your dog, then it can lead to aggression problems when they come into contact with unfamiliar people. Getting them out and around others will help them get used to it. This socialization stops nervousness and will allow them to be well adjusted when encountering new situations in the future.

3. Mental Stimulation

You can get away with letting some dogs lay around during the day. Others, not so much. If you have an active breed, then they need stimulation to prevent boredom. An active and bored dog can lead to destruction in the home. Letting your dog outside to go to a different environment can ease boredom and lead to a calmer time in the house.

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4. Regular Bathroom Breaks

Sure, you could stick to pee pads in your home, but those are never fun to clean up. If you train your dog to use the bathroom on walks, you can get them on a schedule. This schedule means less cleanup in the home for you. If you don’t have a yard for your pup to go in, this can be a lifesaver.

5. An Expert Can Give Your Dog What He Needs

When you buy a dog walking service from a professional company, you aren’t getting people off the street looking for some extra cash. You are getting professionals that know how to treat your dog. They know what to do to give your dog the workout and stimulation he needs. Fancy Paws Dog Walkers are one of these services. Head over there to see what services a dog walker can provide.

Keep These Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker in Mind

You want the best for your puppy, but sometimes life gets the better for you. Keep these reasons to hire a dog walker in mind whenever that happens. Getting your dog outside and moving won’t only make your dog happy, but also help keep him in shape.

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