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5 Garage Enhancement Ideas You May Want To Consider

Even though homeowners do not give as much attention nor credit as they should to their garages, this space in your home is a critical component that helps in the storage of tools and numerous other seasonal items in your home. While you can stash anything in your garage and keep it out of the prying eyes of your visitors, you might end up with a messy garage and a limited space for your car.

In order to maximize the available space while ensuring that your belongings are safe and in order,  you might want to consider implementing the tips provided below.

Create a foldable workbench

If you frequently use your garage space as a workshop, making folding workbenches is a fantastic way of saving space. You may opt for the wall-mounted variants that can be folded easily after use. These collapsible workstations are easy to construct and install.

Install hooks and pegboards

One of the most effective ways of maximizing space involves using up the wall space. It is important to note that storage spaces using your garage floor make your garage feel messy and full. Consider keeping rakes and other work tools in place using pegboards.

Monitor the opened/closed status of your garage door

If you forget to close your garage door, you will be exposed to the risk of intruders and animals prowling on your property. It is advisable that you develop a system with a door light indicator for your garage door as this allows you to see at a glance from your house if the garage door is still open. Experts from say that the installation of the new, modern garage door openers add greater convenience and provide a boost to the security of any home, especially if one had never been previously installed. Many modern door openers come fully equipped with high-grade safety and security features and seamless operation of the garage door while removing potential threats and risks homeowners face.

Upgrade to modern adjustable shelving

If you store seasonal items (clothes and decorations) in your garage space, then you will truly benefit from installing adjustable shelving as these allow you to move around storage boxes based on your needs. It is a good idea to install adjustable open shelving with wooden strips. This presents you with the option of placing items in large plastic containers, which you can easily move around in an effortless way.

Add overhead ceiling storage

When you realize that you are running out of wall space, you could make good use of your ceiling. Install ceiling-mounted racks to allow for overhead storage. Overhead ceiling storage is a superb idea for storing the seasonal items while ensuring your garage space is clutter-free and clean. You can also take this to another level. You can install auxx attic lift and get rid of the clutter forever. This is the best way to say goodbye to the costly storage units and maximizes the storage potential of your entire house.

The above-mentioned tips are particularly helpful if you wish to maximize your garage. Furthermore, the recommendations also help you keep your garage safe and secure. You may put your creative cap on and think of other clever ways to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

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