5 Fast Facts You Should Know Before Choosing a Roofing Company

A large number of people who hire roofers do so before doing even cursory research. They might go with the company who they’ve seen advertised on local billboards or with the contractor who guarantees the best prices around. Think about the fact that the roof of your home is the first line of defense from wind, rain, and the elements. If you wouldn’t go out into a snowstorm wearing flip flops, you definitely should not be trusting your roof to just anyone. Before having that roof repaired, replaced, or inspected, here are five fast facts you and every other homeowner need to know.

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1. Roofers Are Responsible for the Work That They Do

When roofing companies do a great job they generally don’t get a lot of thank you cards in the mail. On the other hand, their phones can start ringing off the hook. That is because reliable and competent roofers are everyone’s best friend. A reputable roofer will almost always be busy because clients know they have no problem standing behind their work.

2. Roofs Have To Be Replaced Every So Often

You can patch up a leaking roof for a while but eventually, there is nothing that a roofer can do but recommend that you replace it. In fact, you can have a real problem with homeowners’ insurance if you don’t perform the proper preventative replacement. When you know that you have a problem with your roof and you choose not to have it handled the right way, future homeowners’ insurance claims can be denied. Even worse, you might have to worry about your home insurance coverage being canceled if you allow a problematic roof to become a structural issue.

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3. Having Your Roof Inspected Is Critically Important

The roofs and walls inside your home are basically assumed to be in good order unless you see something questionable. The problem with making assumptions about your roof is that it is located on the exterior of your home. You can’t see all of it from your front lawn. In addition, the average homeowner doesn’t know much about roofs to begin with. You might notice mildew or see where a shingle came off, but would you know how to inspect the underlay? Although no one is going to force you to do it, your roofing company should be telling you about the importance of having residential roof inspections done annually.

4. Roof Replacement Is Expensive

Expect to pay approximately the same as you would for a new car to get a new roof put on your home. If you invest in a roof that has a 30-year warranty and comes with great insulation and storm-proofing qualities, you are paying the same as you would for a top of the line luxury model car.

5. Gutters Are Important Too

While the shingles and tiles and frame might be the most obvious part of the roofing system, there are other components. When rain falls on your roof it rolls downward. Most homeowners opt for gutters to help prevent flooding issues. These gutters also have to be cleaned, checked and replaced regularly. In fact, an entire roofing system can go bad prematurely if the gutters are neglected. Luckily, this is a task that homeowners can most often to themselves. With a power washer and a tall ladder, you can clean out your gutters within a couple hours.

Whether you have just invested tens of thousands into a brand-new roof or just bought a home and are wondering when it needs to be replaced, you have to know the basics. Roofs have to be inspected and repairs have to be made speedily if a professional roofing company recommends it. There is no harm in getting multiple inspections done until you finally find a roofing contractor that you call upon for all roofing issues.

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