5 Fast And Easy Ways To Declutter Your Living Room

Clutter lying around the home could make you feel down and disorganized. Getting rid of those messy-looking areas in the living room will help restore peace in your mind.

Gathering up useless items over the years is bound to happen, but taking charge and clearing them out will do a world of good to the people living in the house. Setting clear boundaries with everyone regarding where their extra things need to go is a step in the right direction.

Children tend to leave toys scattered, and adults put bills and other paperwork in stacks on the side table. Everyone has a part to play in creating the clutter, so everyone should keep it neat.

There are so many quick and easy ways to declutter the living room that even the kids can help with, so let’s take a look:

1. Designated Storage

Keeping things in their proper place would help make the room look decluttered. Placing toys in the toy box, paperwork in the study, and plates and dishes in the kitchen may be easier said than done initially.

For kids, start by explaining why it is vitally important to declutter the living room area and see how quickly they could get into the new routine of putting things where they belong.

Adding items to the room with added storage like the entertainment units at RJ Living may help keep items lying around securely tucked away until needed. Ottomans with hidden storage could also be a great option for putting blankets and extra throw pillows not used daily.

2. Daily Clearing Of Clutter

The best way to stay on top of clutter would be to tackle it daily. If areas are kept clutter-free, the chances of it looking messy again are zero to none.

Ensure that high-traffic clutter areas are swept through daily to eliminate all the extra items that are not supposed to be there. There is a designated spot for all items in the house, and leaving them elsewhere could create clutter.

This is especially true for smaller living rooms where space may be limited. Make the living room feel bigger by taking some unnecessary items out and keeping the essentials.

Let everyone in the house jump in and work on areas that have lots of things lying around, and soon, those areas will be good as new.

3. Creative Solutions

It would be perfectly fine to buy decorative storage boxes or other storage options for the less creatively inclined. However, if you want to declutter on a budget, you can get creative with regular everyday items.

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Use old storage boxes or electrical appliances to store unnecessary items in the cupboard or make a remote-control storage box from hollowing out an old book. Let imagination run wild with the items available in the home.

Recycle and reuse should be a motto for creating these storage solutions. Get organized by taking something worthless and making it invaluable.

4. Schedule Declutter Sessions

Set the date in your diary, guys, we are cleaning house! Planning for a weekly decluttering spree may relieve the stress of doing everything all at once.

Set sometime aside each week to ensure that the living room stays free from clutter. After doing it a few times, keeping the area clean would become second nature. It could be easy to let things slide in our busy lifestyles, but this is one habit that is essential to keep.

5. Re-evaluate The Options

Step back and look at the living room with a fresh perspective. Getting rid of unwanted items, redundant furniture, or other décor items may be needed to make the space feel even more organized.

An excellent tip for helping with the assessment is when the item was used last. If it hasn’t been used in the last six months, throw it out or sell it. Selling items that take up space could bring in some needed cash to buy functional furniture with alternate storage options.

Keep it neat by moving those useless items out of the living room and freeing the space for other options.

Getting It Together

The thought of decluttering long-standing problem areas like the living room may seem daunting at first, but seeing all the possibilities of what the room could become will inspire anyone to take action.

It is unnecessary to add more storage to create a clutter of a different kind, but using what we have cleverly could reduce the cluttered look and feel even more. Routinely involving everyone to keep things where they belong will stress the situation.

Declutter the living room to make a brand-new welcoming space for family and friends.

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