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5 Fantastic Ideas for Landscaping a Greener and Brighter Lawn

It’s that time of year when you get ready to bring your home’s lawn back to life. There are plenty of things you can do to make it look better. But what will have the best impact on your yard? Here are five creative ways to enhance the outdoor lawn area.

Reseed the Lawn

Although this may seem obvious, some homeowners only reseed the lawn when it looks terrible. Before it gets to that point, sow grass seed in the bare areas to keep the entire yard looking full and healthy. Get the brand of grass that blends with the current growth for a natural, even look. Be sure to water the lawn and continue reseeding bald spots for a beautiful yard all season long.

Grow Wildflowers

While cultivated plants have their own specific appeal, try growing wildflowers as accent points in the corners of your yard, at the side of the garage or the shed, or near the property boundary. You can choose a specific type of wildflower for a consistent impression or get a variety pack of seeds to enjoy a riot of color and types that will dress up your yard in a natural way.

Add Decorative Fencing

Depending on the size of your lawn, you could put up a border fence to keep out the neighbors’ wandering pets and wildlife. Or you can install a segment of fencing for a focal point of interest in the yard. You can choose from styles like a wooden picket fence, split rail, or vinyl fencing in many designs and styles. Use the fence as a backdrop for a floral garden, climbing ivy, or a cute birdhouse.

Install a Colorful Walkway

Consult a landscape design expert to discuss walkway options for your yard. You might want to install a brick path around your home or from the patio to the flower gardens. You can use basic concrete or the colored version with inlaid tiles or designs. Of course, a simple pebble path bordered by railroad ties or larger stones will create a distinctive touch.

Plant Seasonal Blooming Hedges

Look for strategic locations where you can plant border hedges or accent bushes that bloom in the spring, summer, or fall with colorful flowers. Some have leaves that change color with the turn of each season. A butterfly bush makes a nice point of interest just about anywhere in the yard.

Explore options like these to make your lawn even more attractive. Combine borders with fencing or hedges for a natural but neatly organized look.

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