5 Factors to Consider When Adding an Extension to Your Home

People’s lives go through a lot of changes over time. Sometimes, these changes require adjustments. This may even include adjustments to your own home. If you feel that your home has ran out of space for the things you need, you may want to take on a home extension project. A home extension can give you the space you need for what you want, but it will in no way be an easy project. There are important things you must first consider.

Do You Really Need a Home Extension?

A home extension is a huge project to take on. It will be both expensive and time consuming. Don’t start this process on a whim. Instead, consider whether or not you have alternatives. For example, do you have an extra bedroom going unused that could be repurposed? If you do, you probably don’t have a strong need for a home extension.

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Will Your Extension Meet Regulations?

Make sure your plan for adding on to your home meets federal, state, local and community laws and regulations. Even if there are no restrictions in your state and county, your house may exist in a planned community where such additions are restricted.

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Can Your Budget Afford It?

Even if adding on to your home with such an extension is allowed, there may be really good reasons not to go forward with the project. For one, home extensions are almost always expensive. You need to make sure your budget can afford it. You also need to keep in mind that the project could easily go over budget.

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Do You Have the Right Tools and Expertise?

Do you have construction experience? If you don’t, completing the extension on your own may be above your skill level. You may have to use contractors instead. Also consider the tools you need. Will you need a crane? Then you may have to pay for crane services as well.

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Do You Have the Right Space for an Extension?

Lastly, you need to consider the technical aspects of whether or not adding on to your home in the way you have envisioned is feasible. Do you have the right amount of space? Can you also expand the foundation of your home with the soil you have? Would there be anything in the way like an underground septic tank or sewer system? These are all things you must consider.

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Sometimes the needs of a family expand beyond what they have space for in their home. One solution to this problem is to extend that home through a new addition. However, doing so can present its own challenges. Make sure you consider all these challenges carefully before investing your time and money into such a big project.

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