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5 Essential Tips on Finding Your Perfect Neighborhood to Live In

Finding your dream home might just be the greatest thing out there. What can compare to coming back to a place you love, in a location of your liking, after a long day to relax and enjoy a simple meal? While finding the house, might be relatively easy, settling in the neighborhood might prove to be a bit more challenging. Many people overlook the importance of finding an area that is suitable for inhabiting, and get too focused on finding the property itself. The result is some discover that the location they’re living in isn’t really a nice place, and quickly that dream of a beautiful home starts to fade away. These are some tips to find the perfect neighborhood to live in, and that should always be your first concern.

Get the lay of the land

It doesn’t make sense to buy a place in a neighborhood you’ve only visited once or twice. You need to get acquainted with the area and how secure and quiet it is, and this comes after multiple visits. Try to come over at different times of the day to survey the location and get a feel of what goes on there. Some people even prefer the option of renting in a neighborhood before buying there, and that’s not a bad idea because it’ll definitely give you a good look at what it’s like to live there.

Determine what you’re looking for

Just like you settle on your house’s requirements and the number of rooms you want in it and such, you need to determine what is it you need in the neighborhood you live in. Do you require a pharmacy and a hospital to be nearby, or is it irrelevant to you? Do you want a 24/7 convenience store around? Maybe it’s an active dating scene you’re looking for, and in that case a place like Atlanta, Georgia, might just hit the perfect spot. According to older stats, the city is the number one spot on the list of best cities to find a date, probably owing to its very diverse population. And Atlanta metro homes have been known to cater to all sorts of tastes, and the variety of areas and amenities nearby are just impressive. If you want a suburb with a nearby school, or another with some exciting nightlife or arts scene, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for with a little digging.

Look up reviews

The internet is probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions, and it really shows when you’re looking for reviews on anything. You’ll find dozens of opinions about a certain area online, and hundreds of lists about the best neighborhoods to inhabit in whichever city. Take advantage of these resources and find out what other people have to say about your potential neighborhood.

Take transportation into consideration

Let’s not overlook the importance of commute. You might’ve found the perfect neighborhood, but if the distance is far from where you work and there aren’t enough transportation routes between both, then it might just be the wrong choice for you. Always take your daily commute into consideration when picking an area to live in.


Nobody wants to live in an area they don’t feel is secure enough. Try to look up crime statistics in the neighborhood or location you aim at relocating to, and always take that angle into consideration.

It’s always better to trust your gut on these things. What vibe did the neighborhood give the first time you walked in? That gut feeling is usually right, and it’s important not to overlook it. You’ll be living in this place for the rest of your life, give or take a few years, and if it has your stomach in knots, then perhaps it is best to take a step back and think things over.

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