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5 Eco-Friendly Projects for Your Home

Climate change is a very real problem, though we may not feel its effects on a day to day basis it does not mean we should ignore it. That is why many people are choosing to introduce green initiatives into their homes. As, small step by small step, we can all help to aid our planet’s recovery. Starting more eco-friendly projects for your home can be your small, but mighty, way to contribute.

Therefore, here are five ideas for improving the eco-friendliness of your home in 2020:

1 – Non-Toxic Paint

In your daily life, you may have switched to various eco-friendly products that are better for the environment as a whole. Shampoos, bags and even candles can all be made and bought in a much more eco-friendly manner. So, why not apply the same kind of effort to your home decoration supplies as well?

One important example of this is by purchasing non-toxic paint. Not only is normal paint bad for the environment, but it can also be harmful to your health as well. Buy non-toxic paint that is free from solvents, often water-based, and can, therefore, be much better for your health. It’s a simple exchange, but can be quite impactful if done more often in your own home or in bulk in a different setting (for example, if you use paint in your profession).

2 – Indoor Garden Space

Whether you are a regular green thumb in your outside space or not, inserting a nice green space in your indoor space can be amazing as well. Not only is it a point pleasing aesthetics in your home, but it can also have a practical use. As you could choose to grow a herb garden which can add to your cookery. And, in general, paints are a great way to naturally scrub toxins from the air.

Gardening your own indoor space can also be incredibly therapeutic, not only good for the environment. So you are able to gain both physical and mental benefits as well.

3 – Increase Heat Efficiency

One of the biggest issues in any home is heat efficiency. Lots of energy is lost as a result of poor insulation, bad window installations and the like.

Good ways to improve your home’s heat efficiency includes:

4 – Furniture Upcycling

If you ever feel the need to throw an old piece of furniture away, then stop. Take a moment to think: what could you do to improve and re-use this furniture in your home?

Upcycling is something which many people are doing in 2020. Breathing new life into furniture, changing the whole appearance and not having to replace it with an expensive alternative is great. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it can also save you money – especially if you want more contemporary furniture in your space. All of your costs will be involved in the improvement materials, which can half your costs or lower them even further in some cases. The fact is that if you want to both save the environment and improve the aesthetic appearance of old furniture, then upcycling is the ideal way to do so.

5 – Recycled Accessories

Using older bits of recycled goods to create new accessories for your home can be a great way to both be eco-friendly and create unique items for your space. Bits of recycling such as tine cans, bottles, old jars, paper boxes and the like can all be used in this endeavour.

The limits for this type of home eco-home redecoration is only limited by your imagination. Do you want a cutlery drawer with a fork for a handle? Then, that is perfectly possible if you have the right tools to create it.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, creating a more eco-friendly home for yourself is relatively easy if you have the right motivation. Given the right materials, ideas and implementation your eco home can be a lot closer than you may imagine. Some of the options above are longer-term and will need significant investment. But, overall, you should be able to start some of these eco-minded projects today.

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