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5 Must Visit Eastern Europe Cities for your new Spring Eurotrip

Most of the people love to travel during spring and summer, so as the winter is slowly passing, it is time to prepare for an Eurotrip. Although big number of tourists decide to visit Western Europe and all of these new age beauties, Eastern Europe has its own attractions.

First thing first, for an international trip you must have an international driving license. Second thing is the vehicle. You can pick an RV and have a really adventurous Eurotrip or you can travel by car and then take stops at hotels and motels along the way.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka is city known for parks and gardens. It is the place where to start this trip. After you visit the Kastel Fortress, you can attend the many cultural events in the city. Also if you are art lover, then you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Novi Sad, Serbia

This is the second largest city in Serbia and it is the next stop north from Banja Luka. It is the European capital of culture. There are many places that can be visited here, but Petrovaradin Fortress is the heart of this city. Here in summers since 2001 is held the EXIT festival.

Bratislava, Slovakia

From Serbia, through Hungary and Budapest we recommend you to stop in Bratislava, Slovakia. This is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Besides all the castles and cathedrals, Bratislava abounds with many cultural events. If it happens for you to be here in April we recommend you to attend the 71st Annual National Race Devin. It is a running event which started back in 1921 and the tradition is carried now.

Warsaw, Poland

Leaving Slovakia and going north will lead you to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. It is one of the most beautiful city in Eastern and Central Europe. Here you can see the amazing architectures, great festivals and attend unforgettable events. One of the best places to visit in Warsaw is the Old Town where you can enjoy the spring sunshine.

Moscow, Russia

To finish up this Eastern Eurotrip we recommend you to drive Northeast through Belarus and Minsk and settle in Moscow. As the time will be almost summer here, you can actually feel the sun heat on your cheeks in the marvelous Moscow. The Red Square, Kremlin and the Park Gorky are the most famous attractions of Moscow and they are perfect in any time of the year.


To sum up, this Eurotrip is a great way to visit 5 of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe and all these 5 beautiful Slav countries beside all the places in-between. The Slav culture and all the unique places and architectures will make you forget about the daily routines of your ordinary life and transform this spring to an unforgettable experience.

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