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5 Dimensional Storage Assistance for Small Places

Every era has its own unique aspects and traits and living in present era means living in homes and apartments not very generous about space. For majority of people, every passing day seems to be further slashing space available to inhabitants. This means you will have to come up with smarter and wiser ideas of utilising the space at your disposal. Though you will not be able to extend the dimensions of your living space, but you can resort to some intelligent ways of incorporating extra storage space to make your life a bit easier and wonderful. So, here is your chance of making your life more ‘spacious’ whether in a home or in an apartment with our 5 dimensional storage assistance for small places.

1          Kitchen storage ideas

Have a kitchen where you can barely stand and move around while cooking? Looking for some place where you can store your utensils and cooking stuff? Well, you can have it right where you are. You can create more storage space in your kitchen by hanging pans, pots and other utensils on walls or even ceiling in the kitchen. This will also give you more space in cupboards to store kitchen equipments like toasters and coffee makers, which are not as frequently used.

2          Dining room storage ideas

Dining room might be the toughest place for you to create additional storage space. However, using folding furniture can still do the trick for you. Drop leaf dining table helps in saving a lot of floor space, quickly able to offer you additional space when you want to serve more people. Similarly, folding chairs are there to help you save even more of the floor area. You can keep them folded when not in uses, freeing much needed floor space.

3          Living room storage ideas

There are plenty of contemporary furnishing concepts and accessories that can help you add to the space available to you in your small sized living rooms. Instead of plain sofas and couches, you can resort to the ones having under seat storage. Moreover, you can also go for sofa beds with storage instead of simple sofas, so that you can have a lounging space able to be transformed into a reliable sleeping platform when in need to host extra overnight guests. This, plus additional storage space; what a wonderful combo it can be for homes and apartments with space issues.

4          Bedroom storage ideas

Similarly, you can also work up extra space for storing essential stuff one needs in a bedroom. If your bedroom space doesn’t offer you the luxury of armoires and storage chests, you can go for storage beds, helping you with your storage needs as well as keeping your room tidy, clean and clutter free.

5          Under-stair storage ideas

If there is a staircase in your home consuming much of space in the room, you can compensate that by working out extra storage under the stairs. Depending upon your storage requirements and design sense, you can use that place for anything from a stylish bookcase to your kid’s bicycle stand.



You can either curse or complain, or transform your life into something better by coming up with alternate solutions for what you lack in your life. The choice is simply yours and with this 5 way storage assistance for small places, you can get transform your space-confined home into a generous and caring paradise without much problem.

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