5 Design Ideas For Concrete Driveways

You might take your driveway for granted. After all, it is there to perform a simple task; provide a parking spot for your car. Of course it can also provide access to your garage, although surveys suggest that surprisingly few people actually use their garage to store their car.

What you might not have considered is how much the right driveway design can influence the look and value of your home. In fact, it can also make it more pleasurable to walk or drive on! When your driveway starts to show its age it is possible to repair it. However, you might like to refresh your driveway with one of these stunning designs:

Add A Resin

Concrete actually makes a good sub-base for virtually any material. Although this option is at the top end of your budget it can provide a very attractive finish. Resins are used to bind aggregate together and create a smooth, shiny surface. They can be created in a variety of colors and have the added advantage of being porous. The rain will soak through instead of sitting on the surface.

Of course, it will also be much more comfortable if you need to kneel down to collect anything! You can learn more here about resin driveways.


You might not have considered painting your driveway but it is possible and can transform the look of the drive and your home. You will need to prep the driveway properly.

This involves cleaning it and then priming it. A pressure washer and spray gun can help you to clean it effectively and then apply the prier and the paint properly. You don’t want to be on your knees with a paint brush!


If you are having your driveway re-laid or even created for the first time then it is a good idea to have a design built into it. This is done by creating a darker or lighter section of concrete. Yu can have virtually any design you like, from your name, to a dragon or even a family logo!

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The look can be quite stunning and will be long lasting.


If you’re laying or repairing your driveway then it is a good idea to add an edging. This can still be made from concrete but it will need to be a different color or even created in a pattern.

The result will be a six inch border round the entire driveway which gives it a much more elegant and distinctive look.

Focal Feature

If your driveway is big enough it can be nice to add a feature in the centre or even at the end of it. This can be a fountain, a large ornament or even a painting on the side of your home. The purpose is to highlight the home and give the driveway purpose. It will make it look fantastic!

Whichever driveway design you choose you can be sure that it will transform your driveway and your home; you’ll smile every time you go on it!

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