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5 Decoration Tips From Home Staging Professional

If you have been watching a lot of home and gardening Television shows, then there is a chance that you certainly would know the magic that home stagers can bring in a house. Honestly, these experts can turn a bland looking space look exceptionally good. You can consider them to be the best persons to ask advice for home remodeling ideas.

Do you plan on remodeling the house but are not ready to hire a professional because of the high cost? Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of 5 décor tips from expert home staging professionals that you will be easily able to implement. Follow the below given times, and in no time, you will be able to make your living space feel more inviting and exciting.

Decoration Tip# 1: Consider The Colors

Have you tried to get a pop of color in your living space, yet it never turned to feel right? Well, you need to try using a color accent three times in the room. It doesn’t matter, whether it is the color or the walls, the rug, art, or furniture, it ought to always work and feel right as well.

Photo by Chic Home Interiors

Decoration Tip# 2: Don’t Leave Out The Lights

Who says that bright is always the right choice? Add dimmers on all of your lights if you want to set the ambiance of the room. Whereas, lighting, such as chandeliers, table lamps, wall lights, etc. bring a lot of style into the room space. Don’t go for the same light, go Big vs small table lamps.

Photo by Juliette Byrne

Lastly, replace the outdated light fixtures in the main rooms of the house with high-wattage bulbs in the lamps. This will maximize the effect.

Decoration Tip# 3: Floating The Furniture

Locate a central point in the room. If you have a hardwood floor or tile, it is highly suggested that you should get a rug that is no bigger than 6’x9′ in size. Keep in mind that the right-sized carpet or rug will ground the space and the furnishings. Grapple a coffee table in the middle of the carpet and bring in your furniture around it leaving at least 1 ½ foot space between the furnishings and the table.

Photo by Coe Mudford Interior Design

Decoration Tip# 4: Mirror; Making Difference

Light up and intensify the light in your room with mirrors placed on the walls that are in the opposite direction of the light. Most of the home stagers love mirrors since they double the visual area of any room.

Photo by Sarah Davison Interior Design

Decoration Tip# 5: Go Bold With The Art

With art; bigger is always better. You have the option to include large-sized canvases to add a bold statement to any room. Even if the wall space is less, it makes the walls seem larger than they already are.

Photo by poggi design

House painting an accent wall will not only add a focal point into the vicinity but will also serve as a backdrop for your artwork.

Don’t know where to hang your artwork? No problem, center it above any furniture that is below it. Just make sure that the center point of the artwork is at least 60 inches above the floor.

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