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5 Custom Kitchen Features Every Foodie Needs

If you are a foodie, then you will want to have a custom kitchen in your home so that you can prepare an assortment of meals, snacks and beverages. When you are searching for a new home to live in, it is essential to find a house that has a kitchen that you can remodel to meet your needs. Here are five ways to customize a kitchen in your home.

A Great Floor Plan

While shopping for a new home, it is essential to find a property that has a kitchen that is the appropriate size. Remember that you can remodel the kitchen with a customized floor plan after all of the items are removed from the space. With a new floor plan, you can create a better workflow for the kitchen so that you can prepare meals easily along with serving your family and guests quickly.

Customized Wooden Cabinets

While designing your custom kitchen, you can choose your favorite type of wood so that a carpenter can customize cabinets for the space. This makes it possible for you to have a storage system that meets your needs. In addition, a carpenter can build the cabinets at the proper height, making it easier for you to work at a countertop.

Photo by Gilberte Interiors, inc

A Food Pantry

As a foodie, you will want to have numerous foodstuffs stored in a kitchen so that you can prepare gourmet meals. Tell a real estate agent that you want to buy a home that has a food pantry. After you buy a home with a food pantry, you can customize the space with the proper storage systems. The ideal food pantry is part of the kitchen, but it is often similar to a walk-in closet with a lot of space for storing cookware in addition to staple food ingredients.

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Modern Built-in Kitchen Appliances

With a customized kitchen, you can have a floor plan that includes built-in appliances. These types of appliances will save space while making it easier to prepare beverages, snacks and meals. Some of the best built-in appliances include microwaves, dishwashers and ovens. A contractor can help you plan a kitchen that permits the installation of built-in appliances.

Photo by Venegas and Company

Additional Lighting Fixtures

When you are having problems seeing in your kitchen, it is likely because there aren’t enough light fixtures. In addition to adding windows to a kitchen, you can install more lights underneath the cabinets, on the walls or on the ceiling. Strategic light fixture placement makes it easier for you to prepare meals on a countertop along with cooking on a stove.

Photo by Staprans Design

Last, you can add other elements to the customized kitchen, including a breakfast nook or a kitchen island.

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