5 Cities to Relocate to in Central America

Remote flexibility at work means the world is your oyster. And if you speak Spanish, moving to Central America is an amazing option you should consider.

The cost of living in most Central American countries is much cheaper, making the quality of life much higher.

But not every Central American city is worth moving to. There needs to be the right combination of urban density, safe streets, vivacious city life, and arts and culture.

The following five Central American cities are the best options for those looking to make their first big international move.

Panama City, Panama

The capital city of Panama is a beautiful, historical metropolis that dates back all the way to the Inca empire.

The city has 27 miles of pristine beaches with clear waters and shining white sands. Though it’s a sprawling city with many exciting, different neighborhoods, there’s no short supply of great options for housing.

If you want to check out Panama City real estate, start locally on a site like househunterspanama.com, where you can search with filters like property type, area, for rent or for sale, and more.

San Salvador, El Salvador

According to the World Bank, El Salvador’s 10% economic growth over the past two years forecasts a robust coming decade for the country.

There’s no better place to settle in El Salvador than San Salvador, the country’s biggest city. Soak in the wide, walkable streets, the lush botanical gardens, and the majestic volcano looming over it all.

Choloma, Honduras

Choloma is one of the most underappreciated major cities in Central America. Choloma is easy to navigate and a pleasure to live in with a newly redesigned public transportation system.

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Discover the delicious local cuisine with deep-simmered meats and delicious native vegetables. Walk through the historic Pueblo Nuevo, tour El Barrio EL Chaparro, and soak in all the local charm.

JVC3ETA, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

León, Nicaragua

Though it’s not widely known outside of Central America, Nicaragua has one of the highest concentrations of colleges and universities per capita. Their global health initiative, in particular, has attracted positive attention around the world.

León is a beautiful city in Nicaragua. It’s studded with gorgeous cathedrals and monuments that testify to its long, rich history. Move to León, and you’ll find yourself in an elevated state of mind.

San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its lush jungles, and San José has the best tropical and urban life. You can spend the morning meditating under a banana tree and lunch dining in an upscale restaurant.

The housing market is wide open in San José. Find yourself an affordable place and settle into your exciting new life.

Begin Your New Life

Moving is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your life, and refocus your priorities. It can strengthen your relationships and bring new joys into your life.

Wonders await in Central America, where the mountains meet the beaches, and the party never stops. Find out what you’re missing by looking into real estate in any of these amazing suggestions.

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