5 Characteristics of Modern Minimalist House Designs

There is a lot to be said for the minimalistic design trend which has become an extremely popular option. The simplistic nature of these houses lends itself to a simpler and less stressful lifestyle.

The modern minimalist house keeps the same approach inside the building as it does outside, choosing the right interior design is complimented through the use of facade engineering to ensure the outside looks just as appealing.

Photo by Jeff Green Photography

There are 5 key elements to modern minimalistic design:


The first rue of any minimalistic house is that the lines must be clean and functional. Both the outside façade and the inside décor is built in the most straightforward fashion possible. In general function is taken over form.

Photo by Ian Moore Architects

For this reason a minimalistic house is actually a very practical home choice.

Open & Light

This type of house specializes in having large amounts of light coming in at all possible times. This means they usually have plenty of windows and relatively high ceilings.

Photo by John Maniscalco Architecture

Combining this with plain, often white, paint will help to create an illusion of size and space; even if it does not really exist.

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Lack of decoration

Minimalist houses tend to have relatively few decorations. You will not find row after row of ornaments or family photos. A few personal effects are all that is necessary to ensure you add a touch of personality to your home. Too many personal items will make the space feel cluttered and high maintenance.

Photo by Bacic Group

This type of house also allows you to maintain your privacy as people do not expect to see personal items displayed everywhere. Although this may seem like an impersonal way of living it also emphasizes the fact that material items are not the most important things n the world; you don’t need to keep up with the Jones’s.

Materials Give Visual Interest

This is not to say there is o character in a minimalist home! The character is built through the design of the building and the implementation of visual pieces; such as a shaped pillar or wavy patterns inscribed into the walls.

Photo by SF Architecture

Don’t forget that this also applies to the façade of the building. The outside can be simplistic in wood or PVC cladding but still interesting by having joints to break up the smooth surface.


Finally, most minimalistic houses are designed to use the latest technology. Smart home systems can be incorporated discreetly into the homes eliminating the need for last switches and other elements which detract from the natural smooth lines of the home.

Photo by the association

In general a minimalistic home will be looking to the future to decide what new technology is available which can be added to your home to improve both the functionality and the simplicity f the lines.

It is possible to simply get rid of all light switches and heating controls; instead you can monitor and adjust them via the smart system connected to your cell phone. Using the latest technology helps your home to remain as minimalistic as possible.

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